Local residents organise cleaning drive

A bid to revive the glory of Wah Umran

From Our Correspondent

 NONGPOH: With deep concern on the day by day increase in the quantity of dirt dumped by people that had polluted the river, local residents of the Umran Diary came out with unity once again to clean the Wah Umran one of the oldest river in Ri-Bhoi District.

The river located at Umran forms the basis of their day to day affairs in which people use the river for cleaning and bathing every day. This has made the water to be full of dirt and pollution and the other significant reason for the high level of contamination in the river is that the shops and household located near the river dump their wastes and other products directly into the river with no regard to the directives issued by the authorities.

Umran Diary Rangbah Shnong, L.M Bina said that, the increasing levels of pollution in the river has become a cause of concern and the rise in the pollution levels might just turn the river to one of the other affected water body in the state like the Wah Umkhrah. Stating this, he highlighted the importance of cleaning drives in retaining the good condition of the rivers today.

He also informed that, the village authority has also included cleaning drive of the river in the village programme so that cleaning of the river will be conducted regularly, the village authority had also sternly warned all the shop and household in the vicinity of the river to abstain from dumping their waste and dirt into the river and also advised on the construction of well made toilet to save the river from being polluted and added that if anyone was found guilty, they would have to face stern action.

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