‘Shady business’ under the blanket of darkness

Beware if you happen to visit the road at Polo market in Lawmali Pyllun in the night hours as you might come across some women who are selling liquor in black.

These women are busy doing brisk business in the open without any fear or shame. The fact is that these women would force each and every pedestrian to purchase liquor and would not even spare those individuals who are returning back from their church service during Sunday’s.

What is more shocking is that even young children are not spared by these women. At present, people, especially women folk think twice before passing through this road especially during the night time. The behaviour of these women who are illegally selling liquor is beyond tolerance.

It is learnt that a majority of these women who are illegally selling liquor in the market hails from the Sohiong area.

No doubt there are many places where there is an illegal sale of liquor like in Demseiñiong and Keating Road. But in these places, at least there is some decency since they would be selling the liquor only to those customers who are asking for it.

What is more surprising is these women are able to sell the liquor in this manner despite the presence of the Pasteur Beat House at Polo Market.

It has been alleged that the police are hapless since these women have got back up of a senior Cabinet Minister in the present Government. The police earlier had taken action against this illegal sale of liquor. But instead of being appreciated, they were pulled up for taking action.

It has been informed that Lawmali Pyllun Dorbar Shnong on numerous occasions had tried to stop this illegal sale of liquor in the past since Polo Market in under their jurisdiction.

The Dorbar Shnong had even knocked the doors of the Government to stop this illegal sale of liquor. But this was a futile exercise since no steps were taken to permanently stop this illegal sale of liquor.

Talking to The Shillong Times, a resident of Wahingdoh, Banjop Lyngdoh (name changed on request) said that it is really a shocking site to see this open sale of illicit liquor taking place under the eyes of authorities who are competent to curb this menace.

“It is really shameful to see women openly forcing people to purchase liquor. Personally, on numerous occasion I was forced to purchase liquor by these women,” Lyngdoh said.

A resident of Lawmali Pyllun David Nongrum (name changed on request) said that these women must have a strong political link which encourages them to carry out this illegal sale of liquor in the open.

In a desperate attempt to cover up, a resident of Golflink Lambok Thabah said the police once in a blue moon would raid the area adding that this is only an attempt to mislead the people. “If there is continuous patrolling by the police, none would have dared to carry out this illegal sale of liquor,” Thabah said.

(By Our Reporter)

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