GSU president forced to tender public apology

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TURA: In an unprecedented turn of events the president of the ‘powerful’ Garo Students’ Union (GSU) was compelled to seek police protection after hundreds of angry college students came out on the streets seeking revenge for the attack and forcible abduction of an influential college student union leader on Thursday afternoon.

A quick response from the Tura police saved the day and prevented an allout street battle from taking place.

This is the first time in the history of student politics in Garo Hills that the all powerful GSU leadership became a minority within its own rank and file forcing them to flee for their lives as dozens of college students, some armed with sticks and lathis, marched to the GSU office at Chasingre, on the outskirts of Tura.

The outburst of anger occurred after the GSU leadership entered the Tura Government College union office and dragged away the TGCSU general secretary, Nikman Ch Marak, into a waiting vehicle after assaulting him along the way.

The daring kidnap of their general secretary led to a chain reaction as hundreds of students came together and marched in unison towards the direction of the GSU office where the general secretary was being kept in detention.

Tura police quickly reacted to the situation and dispatched magistrates and a large posse of security force to the GSU office. The police team reached in the nick of time and managed to rescue the general secretary before the agitating mob arrived. They also took the GSU president Tengsak G Momin into custody and brought him back to the deputy commissioner’s office.

In the meantime, the rest of the GSU leaders fled for their lives while dozens of angry college students vent their anger out by going on a rampage destroying property inside the GSU office for the kidnapping incident.

By the time both the GSU leader and the abducted TGCSU general secretary landed at the deputy commissioner’s office hundreds of college students gathered outside demanding action against the GSU leadership. They shouted slogans against GSU president Tengsak G Momin and demanded action against all those involved in the kidnapping. The GSU president was compelled to apologize for the incident before hundreds of students in the courtyard of the DC office.

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