8 climbers from State to train in Darjeeling

SHILLONG: The Megha-laya Rock Climbing and Mountaineering Associa-tion (MeRCMA) has nomi-nated eight climbers to at-tend the Basic and Advanc-ed Mountaineering Course at the Himalayan Mountai-neering Institute, Darjeeling, from April 7-May 5.

The selected team of climbers consists of three boys and five girls.

Overmoon Suchiang, Teiboklang Wanniang and Ngandarihun Sohshang are in the Advanced course, while Bakordor Umsong, Roiwanki Suchiang, Verisha Maring, Enifer Rowena Nongkynrih and Kayleigh Petra Nongkynrih will take the Basic course.

The climbers are drawn from several parts of the Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hills and Ri Bhoi.

As the trainees are required to be physically and mentally fit, the eight took part in a three-day preparatory programme at a training area of the Arcadian Nature Sports Guild in Shangpung, West Jaintia Hills.

They were under the guidance of Wallambok Lyngdoh, general secretary of the MeRCMA.

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