Clean Wah Umiew drive launched on Earth Day

SHILLONG: As part of Earth Day celebrations, the KSU Smit Circle in collaboration with the Dorbar Shnong Smit organised a cleaning drive of Wah Umiew. The Wah Umiew is the lifeline of Smit and the adjoining villages and the move has been appreciated since the river flows into Mawphlang dam that supplies water to the city

However, over the years the quality of water in the river has deteriorated due to indiscriminate dumping of garbage into the river.

A short programme was held prior to the cleaning drive, wherein, senior officers including the Superintending Engineer, PHE, S. Lymgkoi OSD, MBDA, Aiban Swer and Ronnie Wahlang,  BDO, Mawryngkneng rued at the present condition of the river.

The Officers in their speech implored upon the community to take responsibility on maintaining cleanliness of the stream for the health and well-being of the community and for posterity.

Emphasis was also laid on planting more trees near the river banks and other water sources to protect and preserve the river and other water sources.

The Office bearers of the Dorbar Shnong solicited the support of the Government in their endeavour to clean and maintain cleanliness of the Umiew River and the officers present in the programme assured all possible assistance to the Dorbar through various schemes of the Government of India and the State Government.

After the formal programme, hundreds of village folks which included children, participated enthusiastically in the cleaning of the river which continued till late evening.

The initiative taken by the KSU and the Dorbar was lauded by the residents of the area and many expressed satisfactions over the issues taken up by the Dorbar and the KSU towards preserving the local environment.

The members of the Dorbar informed that the effort towards cleaning of the Umiew River would not be short lived and long term plans would be put in place to ensure the preservation of the river.



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