Climate change a real danger  


Robert J Oppenheimer, born in 1904 was the greatest theoretical physicist of the 20th Century. Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour (1941) finally dragged the reluctant Americans into the war. With the famous Einstein equation E=Mc², work had been pursued by the scientists to tap this immense power. In 1942, F.D. Roosevelt selected Oppenheimer to lead the Manhattan Project to make an atomic bomb. The war had not yet gained momentum by then. So what made the President resort to this dreadful weapon is not understandable. Anyway Oppenheimer with hosts of renowned scientists in Physics and Chemistry, assisted by engineers was finally successful in making the atomic bomb. Much before the bombs were deployed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Oppenheimer was never a happy man again till his death in 1964.

The man, a Jew of left wing ideology of equality and justice to all, found himself at his prime, the destroyer of the world. Regrettably he lamented looking at the irreversibility of his project “We may be likened to two scorpions in a bottle each capable of killing the other, but only at the risk of his own life”. I strongly believe that these statements had triggered caution in J.F. Kennedy and N. Gorbachov to abort the nuclear war in the Cuban crisis of the late 60’s. In the midst of the Cold War, there was a great concern about this terrible weapon and the non- proliferation treaty was being signed by few players. If  we remember the analogy of two scorpions in a bottle and so long as the finger on the button belongs to a sane mind and human heart, and never goes to war mongers, nuclear war is not going to happen. It would be proper therefore if we focus on climate change and terrorism a new deadlier weapon of destruction. Climate change had resulted in the abnormal behaviour of monsoon, which greatly affects agriculture. It is rather disappointing that no leader has ever shown their interest on this issue.

We are basking in excessive luxury and extravagant life styles that have undone whatever our mother earth has to offer. We tend to focus on trivial matters that simply add more and more woes to our environment. This is the reason why Lobo the famous lyrist and singer said, “When man landed on the moon, a five year old boy was enjoying the crumbs at Calcutta railway station”.  That was the case with U.S.A. a very rich country of the 69’s. Here too we may sing the same song “When someone lands on the moon lakhs of people are enjoying the left-overs of railway passengers” and “lakhs of people are in deep slumber below flyovers”. Any mission is to be encouraged so long as we have the resources to do so. This may be the reason why USA has temporarily suspended its moon mission.

Coming to terrorism a weapon deadlier that any, we have to handle it with great care. It does not obey Geneva Convention; it hides among unmindful citizens and causes terrible deaths when it strikes. It spares no one irrespective of age and colour. It likes to create destruction at large gatherings and market places. It has no caste, creed or religion. Some leaders are locally vocal; very few are internationally vocal. It is sad that some of us look at terrorism from an angle that suits us. If we can overcome our shortcomings especially of our leaders, and if we stand united, one day all should hope that we would eliminate this new weapon which has sadly snatched away tens of thousands of precious lives from our midst.

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  1. Khyriem,

Shillong  -14

The CM is in control


Kudos to H.H Mohrmen for the article, ” MDA: IS THE CHIEF MINISTER IN CONTROL?” (ST April 22, 2019) I read this with great interest to find out its contents. Yes there are many interesting points raised by him which I tend to agree because of my first hand knowledge. Extraction and transportation of coal is still taking place every day, even today and there is no power in Meghalaya that can stop this, not even the NGT or the apex court. In fact banning of coal extraction and its transportation by the NGT and the court only encouraged illegal coal extraction and its illegal transportation. This will continue unabated. No one can stop this for obvious reasons. In fact the benefits from this illegality goes not only to NPP for elections purposes but it also goes to other parties as well in the ruling MDA and the opposition. All stand to benefit from the illegality. Why single out only the NPP? The writer stated that the NPP is not clear on CAB. Yes, NPP made itself very clear with regards to CAB. It opposed it tooth and nail right from day one. Even its President, Conrad Sangma, lobbied very hard in the North East and in Delhi to ensure that CAB does not see the light of day. To say that the Chief Minister is spending too much time outside the state for canvassing elections is not a fact. Media persons meet him almost every other day either in Garo Hills or in Khasi Hills especially in the state capital. And to say that he has no control of the affairs of the state is not at all a fact. For the information of the writer the Chief Minister is very much in control of the affairs of the state. I know it and everyone who knows the Government knows it.

Yours etc.,

Philip Marwein,



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