New Sordar of Raid Madan Kyrdem elected by villagers

NONGPOH: It is indeed a memorable day in the history of the Raid Madan Kyrdem, in Ri Bhoi district when for the first time, the new Sordar, R M Dorphang was elected by the people of 15 villages falling under Raid Madan Kyrdem for a five-year term beginning on June 2019.

Being in a democratic country which values and upholds the Constitution, the election procedure for the post of Sordar of the Raid Madan Kyrdem was also decided by the people, but at the same time not neglecting the local traditions – only the head of the family was allowed to take part in the election process.

In a programme held on Tuesday at Madan Kyrdem, the newly-elected Sordar, R M Dorphang was confirmed by Syiem of Hima Khyrim, Pa’iem Balajied Sing Syiem as per the traditions and customs which has been in place from time immemorial.

The confirmation ceremony also witnessed the presence of Umroi MLA, George B Lyngdoh, Umroi MDC, Rangkynsai Kharbuki, Mynsngad Khanduli MDC, Dawan Lyngdoh, ex-leaders of Raid Kyrdem, traditional heads from various adjoining Raids, the Lyngdoh, Myntri among others.

The programme was attended by the headmen of fifteen villages falling under Raid Madan Kyrdem, teachers and students of several schools beside the local populace at large.

Addressing the gathering, Pa’iem Balajied Sing Syiem, Syiem of Hima Khyrim expressed happiness that Raid Madan Kyrdem is moving ahead with time in electing their Sordar while at the same time not forgetting the traditional practices and customs laid down by the ancestors from time immemorial.

On the other hand, Pa’iem Balajied lamented that it was sad to learnt that nowadays, most of the traditional head of several Raids under the Hima Khyrim has overlooked traditions and customs especially the traditional dance and customs which is usually used to be held once or two times a year in each and every Raid, has not been put into practice.

He therefore, urged the newly-elected Sordar and all the traditional heads of Ri Bhoi to revive the traditions and customs so that the young generations can learn and put the same into practice.

Pa’iem Baaljied also exhorted the newly-elected Sordar to work together with the people, the headmen, the local representatives including the MLA and MDC for the welfare and betterment of the society.

Others who also spoke and give their blessings to the newly-elected Sordar include, the MLA of Umroi, George B Lyngdoh, Umroi MDC, Rangkynsai Kharbuki, Mynsngad Khanduli MDC, Dawan Lyngdoh, Lyngdoh of Hima Khyrim and others.

Earlier, students of various schools under Raid Madan Kyrdem entertained the gathering with various traditional dances and songs as part of the auspicious ceremony.

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