‘Cabinet on the move’ mere hype: Zenith

Conrad defends meetings outside Shillong

SHILLONG/TURA: The Opposition Congress has come down heavily on the ruling MDA government for holding the Cabinet meeting outside the state capital, terming the move as mere hype and waste of time and money, while at the same time Chief Minister Conrad Sangma dismissed the criticism saying “it was necessary for the government to be in touch with the grassroots.
Congress Spokesperson Zenith Sangma on Tuesday slammed the move saying there was no logic to the same. “It is nothing but just to create hype,” he said.
Terming the move as total wastage of time and public money, Zenith questioned how the ruling parties would be able to take governance closer to the people by holding Cabinet meeting in different district headquarters.
“Whatever decision is taken in the Cabinet meeting, whether in Shillong or anywhere else, is all the same. No extra ordinary benefit will be there for the region or for the people of Garo Hills,” Zenith said.
The entire Cabinet team, senior officers, heads of various departments and others had to come to Tura for the Cabinet meeting and since Tura does not have proper accommodation, private stays had to be arranged and in the process the government spent huge amount of public money, Zenith stated.
He went on to state that since the heads of departments, senior officials and others had to travel to Tura, the Secretariat and the Directorate offices had become non-functional.
Innovative idea: CM
Meanwhile, dismissing the reservations voiced against the MDA government’s ‘Cabinet on the move’ mission, an amused chief minister said, “It is very important for my government to be in touch with the grassroots when it comes to policy and decision making.”
Conrad added that with this innovative idea to reach out to people, his government had stolen the thunder from the opposition who during their tenure never hit upon an idea as original as this.
Resolute in his determination to carry on with this ambitious ‘game changer’, the chief minister added, “We are very firm that this will continue in other districts also. After 3 to 4 cabinet meetings in Shillong we will move to Jowai and later to South West and West Khasi Hills and beyond.”
Echoing similar sentiments, Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong urged people not to be misled by such inane outbursts by vested interests who are out to malign the efforts of the present government.
Emphasising on the importance of such meetings, Tynsong said, “Ultimately people will be benefited from such Cabinet interactions in each and every district of the state.”

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