DG level meeting between BSF and BGB from June 12 in Dhaka

GUWAHATI: The 48th Director General Level Border Co-ordination Conference between BSF (India) and BGB (Bangladesh) will be organised by BGB at Dhaka, Bangladesh from June 12 to 15, 2019.

 During this conference, a 10-member delegation of India headed by Rajni Kant Mishra, Director General, BSF along with senior officials of the Ministry of External Affairs and other Law Enforcement Agencies will meet 24 members of BGB headed by Gen Md Shafeenul Islam, Director General, Border Guard Bangladesh.

During the conference, senior officers of BSF and representatives of MEA and MHA are going to take part in bi-lateral talks.

The conference is being organized to discuss the border related issues and for better coordination between the both border guarding forces. During the course of conference, the following issues will be discussed: –

  1. Trans-border crimes. b) Smuggling of cattle, FICN & Gold, narcotics and psychotropic substances etc. c) Activities of Indian insurgent groups based in Bangladesh. d) Prevention of illegal migration and human trafficking. e) Joint efforts for effective implementation of Co-ordinated Border Management Plan (CBMP). f) Confidence Building Measures. g) Extension of Crime free zone in AOR of Guwahati and Tripura Frontier. h) Issues related to Border Infrastructure.

The last BSF-BGB Border Co-ordination Conference was held  during September 3 to 8, 2018 at New Delhi . This was the 4 th such meeting between the Chiefs of both the border guarding forces.

The Indian delegation will be in Bangladesh for four days June, 12th to 15th June, 2019.  The first session of the Border coordination conference between the BSF and BGB will be held on June 12, 2019 at Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The Joint India-Bangladesh guidelines for Border Authorities – 1975 envisaged that there should be frequent contacts between the border authorities of two countries concerned to discuss the matter of immediate administrative concern. An Indian delegation under leadership of Ashwani Kumar, former Director General of BSF and the Bangladesh delegation under the leadership of Major General Quazi Golam Dastgir, former Director General BDR (now BGB) met at Kolkata on December 2, 1975 for the first time to discuss mutual border problems. Since then, the meetings between DG BSF and DG BGB were held annually alternatively in India and Bangladesh till 1993. During discussions between the Home Secretaries of India and Bangladesh that were held at Dhaka (Bangladesh) from October 7 to 9, 1993, it was agreed that the Director General level meetings between BSF and BGB, were to be a bi-annual event.

 In the agreed summary of discussions during the said meeting, it was emphasized that problems in the areas of mutual interests and concerns could be progressively resolved through close contacts and continuing meaningful dialogue at various levels. Accordingly, DG BSF and DG BGB have been holding Border Coordination meetings twice a year alternatively at Delhi and Dhaka and joint record of discussions of these meetings are forwarded to Ministry of Home Affairs after each such meeting.

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