Seized cattle auctioned thrice

SHILLONG: Much to the surprise of many, seized cattle by the Customs department were found to have been auctioned at least thrice along the Indo- Bangladesh border.
Disclosing the episode, a Customs official based in Shillong on Wednesday said the cattle are seized by the Border Security Force (BSF). The BSF would mark the seized cattle giving it a distinct look and subsequently during the auction it is found that the same cattle have been auctioned at least three times.
Since, there is no bar on participants, smugglers or their proxies would bid for the cattle during the auction.
The official went on to inform of the huge demand of cattle in Bangladesh where the price of cattle head is said to value at triple the rate of the local market.
As per the Supreme Court order, the seized cattle heads have been brought under the purview of the Prevention of Animal Cruelty Act (PCA).
The custom officers are disallowed to take over the seized cattle. The cattle seized by the BSF will be handed over to the state police who are empowered under the PCA Act following which sale or disposal of cattle can be done by the state police who should hand over the seized cattle to a Gaushala (cow shed).

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