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To Sunday Shillong,

This is in reference to the article, ‘Crisis call’, published on June 2. Water problem is a major issue in Shillong and other parts of Meghalaya. The crisis has been persisting for decades now and despite sanctioning of several projects, absolutely nothing has changed. But as many people here accept the crisis saying this is what happens in the hills, I would say it is logic for the fools. There is no problem in this world that does not have a solution and for finding the perfect solution to any crisis, an individual or a state needs expertise, good intention and determination to change. However, none of the successive governments in the state has shown any of these qualities. For decades, the Greater Shillong Water Supply Scheme is being going on and still no one in the government could say exactly when it is going to be completed.

Shillong has seen rapid and unplanned urbanisation in the last 20 years and yet the government could not make rainwater harvesting mandatory. With tourism booming and hotels and guest houses mushrooming in the city, water consumption has increased manifold. But nothing has been planned so far to preserve the natural resource and its sources. The government advocates for mining without sparing a thought how it will have its repercussions on natural resources.
The article has subtly but aptly points out that Shillong is dreaming of becoming a smart city without even acting smart. It also rightly says that though there are plans and proposals, no one knows when these are going to be reality. For the common man, it remains a struggle to survive amid such crisis.

Thanking you
Gavin Kharshandy

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