Cong MLA, KHNAM against land allotment

SHILLONG: Opposition Chief Whip P T Sawkmie and KHNAM have opposed the demand of the Harijan Colony to get land documents from the government.
Swkmie, in a statement issued here, said on Monday that the government cannot give land documents to the residents of the Harijan Colony.
“The Land Transfer Act, 1972 does not allow the state government or individuals to sell land or give it as gift to non-tribals”, Sawkmie said.
He urged the Syiem of Mylliem to withdraw the document given by the Syiem in 1863 for 2 to 5 acres.
The land was given temporarily as there was no place for them to stay at that time, he said.
“Since the government has constructed quarters for them, it is better for them to shift to the quarters allotted to them so that the area can be utilised by the Hima and the government for the benefit of the society as a whole”, Sawkmie said.
KHNAM has slammed the people of Harijan Colony for behaving like the youngest child by demanding complete land documents from the state government.
In a statement issued here, the president of KHNAM, Pyndapborthiaw Saibon questioned the motive of the Harijan Colony people on their opposition to relocation.
“The intention is not to evict them but to relocate them to another place which is more hygienic but their opposition to relocation shows there is some hidden agenda and apparently they want to claim ownership of the land which is very much against the spirit of the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution and the Land Transfer Act of the state,” he said.
The KHNAM asserted that the unfounded interference by outsiders in to the contentious issue of the Harijan Colony without knowing the depth of the matter is unacceptable and maintained the interference will mislead the Central government and the Minority Commission.
Stating that the Khasi community respects other communities and promotes the spirit of tolerance, he said the Harijan Colony is a slum and is a dangerous place for those who commute along the Harijan Colony lane.
With the UDP supporting the move to relocate, the KHNAM was optimistic that the UDP’s presence in the government will materialize the demand to relocate.
Saibon said the Punjab government, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), the Minority Commission and the Central government should know that the Harijan Colony is no longer fit to settle due to the unhygienic conditions and congestion.
He went on to add that the Hima Mylliem, the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) and the Shillong Municipal Board made a blunder from the very beginning.
He said KHANM is looking forward to the move of the government to relocate the Harijan Colony people which will be in the interest of the state as a whole.

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