‘Anand’s way of motivating others makes him genius’

Two years after playing a blind man in Kaabil, actor Hrithik Roshan essays mathematician Anand Kumar onscreen in Vikas Bahl’s Super 30. Ahead of the film’s release this week, Hrithik gets candid with journalists. IBNS-TWF brings excerpts: Since the film is all about dreams, tell us what was the craziest dream you had while growing up? The craziest ambition I had is of being an astronaut. I wanted to explore and go to space. But the real unrealistic dream was of becoming an actor. Did you dream of something and then achieve it but you thought it to be unachievable at first? It was acting only. I didn’t know how will it work and all. I didn’t know whether I would be able to deliver dialogues or not. I was fearful. But I knew that I have to do it. Something inside me told that I will have to try. You don’t look like the character in Super 30. Tell us how you slipped into it. People used to praise me for my hard work in all films including Koi… Mil Gaya, Guzaarish, Jodhaa Akbar. But the paradox is all these characters were the easiest because the first emotional connect with the script and character is so strong that it gets into every cell of my body. After hearing those scripts, what I had to do was only the physical manifestations of the things written in the script. What kind of preparations you had to go through for the character like mathematician Anand Kumar who is a genius? Are you a mathematics genius? I was not good. I was very average. I don’t think it is his intellect that makes him like who he is but his way of motivating others. The way he motivates to do mathematics makes it all easier. How do your kids react to your performances? My kids are very honest. Both of them are very honest. They used to give me marks. They have given me maximum 8.5 and lowest 6.5.

Anti-tobacco message in film

Director Biswajeet Bora is back with a short feature film, Dhuyein Se Dhuyein Tak, which has an anti-tobacco message. The film stars veteran actor Rajendra Gupta, Sagarika Mishra and Baharul Islam. The film will be shortly showcased in film festivals and on digital platform. A socially responsible filmmaker, Bora always comes up with social causes in his stories. His first film Aisa Yeh Jahaan was India’s first carbon neutral film. Bora has recently signed a film for Navjeevan films for a Bollywood jungle adventure titled Safari Park. He was away from the mainstream cinema for a while but during this period he made a few Assamese commercial movies, which are supposed to be trendsetters in the local film industry. ~ Lipika Ajmera

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