Weather balloons to analyse air condition in the sky

IMD to launch upper air observation

SHILLONG: Massive hydrogen balloons weighing 800 grams will be released from Upper Shillong Meteorological Department to assess the upper air condition.
As part of upgradation of Meteorological Centre, Shillong, upper air observations will be initiated by way of releasing balloons to the sky.
Sanjay Bist, Director of Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Shillong, said on Sunday that all instruments in this regard have already arrived in Shillong.
“By end of this month, we will start the operations”, he said.
The IMD is setting up five air observations in the Northeast, including one in Shillong.
“The balloons weighing 800 grams will be able to reach up to 30 kilometers to understand the upper air situation as we are currently carrying out only ground observation”, Bist said.
The balloons will be released two times, in the morning and in the evening.
“Radio signals will be beamed from the released balloons and analysis will be made in the computer at the Upper Shillong Observatory”, the official said.
He said this will help to understand the weather conditions in upper layers which will be beneficial for aviation.

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