Dear Shillong Times…

It is them we serve. The readers. And it is, therefore, only in the fitness of things that they share their thoughts on this auspicious occasion.

Subroto Bhattacharjee, Retired Journalist

It is heartening to know that The Shillong Times, a premiere English daily of this region, is to celebrate its platinum jubilee after years of glorious events.
I have had a long association with The Shillong Times hence, it prompted me to lay down a few lines from my memory in a lucid manner on this auspicious occasion.
The Shillong Times has made history of a sort during its long existence in varied fashions. What struck me first was the conversion of the English weekly The Shillong Times into an English daily, almost in a “jiffy”, merely depending on a traditional letter press, not to speak of using any other modern computers, sophisticated equipment or a five column broadsheet. Observing the operation process of this daily in such a rudimentary method, a senior journalist of Kolkata remarked, it calls for an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for its unique endeavours.
The Shillong Times has been playing a pivotal role to guide the people, especially, in the wake of any chaos and confusions, when it occurs, through its authentic reporting without fear or favour. This daily is not only a premiere English daily of this region but it is also a training ground for the youths who are keen to embrace journalism as their carreer.
A good number of young journalists who came out from The Shillong Times have made a mark in the national press as well as electronic media. Keeping in view its past glory, I wish The Shillong Times will celebrate its platinum jubilee in a grand and befitting manner.

Himanta Biswa Sarma, Assam Minister

My best wishes.

BB Dutta, Former Rajya Sabha member

It is with a sense of pride and pleasure, we recall that North East India’s second oldest English-language daily newspaper, which started its journey on August 10, 1945, is to enter its 75th year of existence. It has played a catalytic role in moulding public opinion and arousing awareness to issues that are critical to the development of the region and its integration with the rest of India as well as the neighbouring countries.
The Shillong Times, throughout its journey, has been relentlessly publishing articles on insurgency issue and problem of militancy that misguide youth and destabilise the social fabric of the region, thereby attracting the attention of concerned authorities for immediate corrective action.
The newspaper has been instrumental in sensitising people on the importance of preserving social and cultural identity in the dynamic world that calls for reform and reconstitution. Behind the saga of The Shillong Times, there were Late SB Chaudhuri and Late PN Chaudhuri, two former Editors. All the sons and daughters of P N Chaudhuri and kith and kin have extended a helping hand, I am sure in the same spirit, the present dispensation will continue to walk the same path.

Nalin Kohli, BJP leader

Congratulations! Good wishes for the event and keeping the good work going.

JB Bhattacharjee, Ex-VC of Assam University

I started reading The Shillong Times from the day when it was a weekly and the former Editor P.N. Chaudhuri was a freedom fighter himself. As I read the paper till date, I think the paper has maintained certain principles to uphold the national interest and at the same time to provide independent but unbiased reporting.
If the media, which is supposed to be neutral in present situation in the country, has been able to maintain impartiality, is a big question. Though working from a remote part of the country like Shillong, The Shillong Times is maintaining its position and has never been biased to any particular situation or attempted to promote any ideas. These form the greatest aspects about The Shillong Times.

RS Mooshahary, ex-Governor

Congratulations and best wishes!

RG Lyngdoh, Former Home Minister

The Shillong Times has grown over the years from weekly to daily and in fact, the paper has gone together with Shillong as it caters to the needs of the city. It is still one of the newspapers that maintains its standard and its coverage is still exhaustive and objective. There may be some gaps here and there but no one is perfect as there is always room for improvement.
The paper is meeting the requirements of Shillong today when newspapers have been morphed into ‘viewspapers’ but thankfully The Shillong Times is still a newspaper. I wish that The Shillong Times should keep growing and there should be more focus on investigative journalism as there are a lot of gaps and newspapers must try to be a watch dog in the society rather than a lap dog.

Lambok Marngar, KSU president

Media is the fourth pillar of democracy and from the Union, we wish that the The Shillong Times would continue to contribute to the society and I believe that the paper would continue to try and highlight the problems and major issues of the state and the people.
The Shillong Times will improve day by day and for the betterment of the society. We wish all the staff of The Shillong Times during the celebration and we as a Union would continue to be in touch with each and every section of the media as media is the fourth pillar of democracy.

KJ Alphons, ex-Union Minister

All the best.

Sumar Sing Sawian, Journalist

I remember I used to write weeklies in The Shillong times and I had a good association with the paper.
Over the years, the newspaper has grown and we hope it would continue to grow.
The paper should be factual in outlook and it should not be biased on any subject including politics.

Ahmed Hussain, Photographer

I am a subscriber of The Shillong Times and talking about improvements, we can always have improvement but overall I, as a reader, am very satisfied with the contents of the paper. Since the time Patricia Mukhim has joined, the paper has further improved and when special articles come out, I do go through them.

Diksha Sunar, Student

Indeed, it is a moment of joy for us as The Shillong Times, the widely read English Daily in the state, celebrates its platinum jubilee on August 9, 2019. When it comes to reading a newspaper or if anybody simply talks about print media, my mind is steadfastly drawn to The Shillong Times.
Over the years the English daily has gained popularity among the masses which includes children, youths, adults and the elderly. The contents in The Shillong Times are unbiased and fearless.
The matters reported in the newspaper provide a clear view of the daily affairs of the state. As far as news from across the country and the world is concerned, The Shillong Times makes sure that the readers are made aware of all significant happenings around the world.
I prefer going to the epaper version of The Shillong Times and I have been quite active in following with their supplements.
The Shillong Times epaper is one big advantage for us since, apparently, almost all youths hang on to their mobile phones throughout the day. Therefore, it becomes convenient for us to browse through news with the swipe of fingers.
Lastly, I would like to thank the whole team of The Shillong Times for their services and undeterred motivation in providing quality information to their readers.
Kudos and wish you brilliance ahead!

Col. Anjan Dutta (retd)

My heartiest congratulations and best wishes. May The Shillong Times, under the dynamic stewardship of you, continue to stand out as a beacon of objective, reporting and analysis of events around the state.

MPR Lyngdoh, Educationist

The Shillong Times is a household name and everybody likes to have this newspaper in the morning, it has improved with lot of information and the paper has become informative and it is easy to digest the manner in which the content is written.
I like the letters to the Editor column the most as issues pertaining to people are flashed there and brought out in public domain.

Sanjoy Hazarika, writer

Our very best wishes, Manas, on this wonderful occasion and may The Shillong Times keep unhesitatingly flying the flag for media freedom and rights without fear, favour, prejudice or agenda-save that the facts be shared and the right of the people to know the truth be protected, governments and public institutions be held to account no matter how high and mighty they think they are or how strongly the powerful shake as a result.
As journalists, we must continue to do our constitutional duty. Best wishes for the century that’s to be scored. The innings is still in play!

BK Nath, Editor Jugasankha

On this great occasion, I extend my greetings to all of you. It’s a great achivement to have platinum jubilee in the history of newspapers industry. I am excited that I had attended the silver jubilee celebrations in Shillong and the golden jubilee celebtrations in Guwahati.

Basudev Biswakarma, Businessman

The Shillong Times, to me, is one of the most reliable English dailies not just of Meghalaya or of the North East, but of the nation.
It provides accurate, unbiased, on-the-go daily information which, in the contemporary world, is very much vital.
The English daily, over its years of transition, has not only provided its readers day-to-day news like every other English daily, but has also given people an opportunity to freely share their views and has provided a platform to showcase their artistic skills.
Now as the nation beholds The Shillong Times entering its 75 years of existence, I would like to congratulate as well as convey my heartfelt gratitude as a reader.
I hope that the English daily achieves unmatchable greatness in times to come, and keeps up the journalistic eminence it has achieved over the years.
Cheers to The Shillong Times’ longevity and its unwavering credibility!

SL Singhania, Headman, Police Bazar ward

It is indeed a matter of pride for the Shillongities that The Shillong Times has reached a milestone and thus celebrates its 75th Anniversary (Platinum Jubilee).
I am an avid reader of the newspaper since it was in its infant stage. The founder, editor must have had a vision for the future, journeying from a weekly to a daily newspaper. The management of The Shillong Times should be thanked for their dedication in providing sincere services and sustaining their professional commitment.
It must be thanked for its unbiased, fearless editorials based on public interest.
I send my kudos to The Shillong Times for their journey of trials and tribulations to reach this height.
The present editorial board, along with its employees, should hold the flag high in times to come and reach another milestone when it will be celebrating its centenary.
I wish the The Shillong Times a bright future.

Salman P Marak, a Reader

I convey gratitude to the entire team of The Shillong Times for the hard work and endeavour on their part for the citizens and much appreciation to every person who delivers the paper each and every morning just so we are made aware of daily reports from the state.
I have a very busy lifestyle because of which I hardly get time to follow news in the television because of which I happen to be totally unaware of the things that take place in the state and nation, therefore, I started reading The Shillong Times.
It has been almost 5 years that I have been reading the English daily and it helps me keep myself updated about what is happening around me. Without The Shillong Times I might become totally dull.
Once again, I thank the entire team of The Shillong Times. Keep up the good work. Best wishes.

Bimal Bajaj, Businessman

The Shillong Times is completing its glorious 75 years on August 9, 2019 and we are proud of The Shillong Times as it provides us all the news from across India, with special highlight on the news from our state.
The Shillong Times, I can say, is a leading paper of our country and I am proud of it.
The news coverage by the paper is always truthful and clear in the field of social, political & economic matters.

Naba Bhattacharjee, Social Activist

The Shillong Times has over several decades been the ‘voice’ of the common man of our state — articulating various issues in an uncompromising and transparent manner; bereft of any biasness — highlighting the truth detached from fiction.
Personally speaking, being able to highlight and create awareness on environment concerns and solutions through my write-ups in The Shillong Times, I feel it was my duty to stand by in support with The Shillong Times, in my own humble ways, during difficult times recently, in their pursuit to uphold freedom of press.
Wishing The Shillong Times a long innings and century ahead with people of the state as part of team Shillong Times and continue batting with a “straight bat”!

Manasij Bhattacharjee, journalist

Thanks a million. That’s the institution where my journey began.

Osmond M Kharmawphlang, a Reader

It is heartening to learn that The Shillong Times is entering the 75th year of its publication. It is a news paper which is widely read throughout Meghalaya and as well as the North East. It covers nearly all the important events right from politics, economics, culture and other important subjects. I wish to send my greetings to all the members of The Shillong Times and may the celebration of the platinum jubilee be a grand success. God bless.
Shaining Star Lyngdoh Marshillong, a Reader

It is a great privilege to be a reader of The Shillong Times (ST).
It is heartwarming news to hear that ST is celebrating its 75 years of existence and to get to pen down few thoughts about the daily.
For working folks, ST is the most trustworthy newspapers; while for youth seeking employment, it is the newspaper to refer to and prepare for competitive exam; for writers and for people who want to share opinions, ST is a platform to voice their opinions.
ST has been a friend of the educated and less educated sections of society since it carries excellent articles that are simple and at the same time complex.
For news seekers just reading the headlines would suffice but for an in-depth reader the editorial page provides an opportunity to go deeper into an issue and have an overall view about the subject matter.
ST ameliorates the skill of writing and enhances the vocabulary of an amateur reader. I congratulate the ST fraternity for their team work in achieving the milestone of journeying 75 years while providing service to the nation, especially to the people of Meghalaya.
I wish for The Shillong Times continue to be the voice for the voiceless and create a sense of unity among the citizens.
Thank you for the tireless services you rendered.

Suzie Lynda Shangpliang, a Reader

I would like to share my experience and thoughts on The Shillong Times as it celebrates its 75th Anniversary. News papers are the most powerful of all the means of expression of views regarding various matters.
Newspapers are regarded by economists as a necessity of modern life.
With the growth of literacy and the development of the means of communication The Shillong Times is playing a very important role in the present society.
The Shillong Times is a greater treasure to the people than uncounted amount of riches.

Jag Prasad Upadhaya, Lecturer

First of all, good wishes to The Shillong Times for reaching the milestone of 75 years and for those which are yet to be achieved.
The English daily is informative and updates us with all the important news and events from across the world. It gives us an opportunity to share our opinion on matters which are related to public issues among others.
Despite having the internet in today’s era, which delivers information easily at the swipe of fingers, The Shillong Times updates us with information and news which we may miss out during day-to-day scrolls.
The Shillong Times covers happenings from every nook and corner of the North East. Moreover, it also connects us to the rest of the world.
Our morning tea is incomplete without The Shillong Times and, to the best of my knowledge, same goes for every household.

Karan Thapa, IAF personnel

The Shillong Times and its legacy is quite remarkable as can be explained with the celebration of the platinum jubilee, which is to take place on August 9. I personally feel that the English daily is a class apart when it comes down to reporting matters in style.
The Shillong Times has attracted my attention over the years and I believe it shall even in days to come.
I am currently posted outside the state and it becomes kind of difficult to follow up with the events that occur in Meghalaya. The Shillong Times helps me stay updated on all matters that concern my city. The highlight on local news by the media house is quite remarkable. It has made sure, over the years and even today that the readers do not lose track of what is happening in and around the state, whether it relates to politics, economy or the general matters.
I would like to wish The Shillong Times good luck ahead in future.

Suman Chettri, Student

The Shillong Times is the most reliable English daily in the entire North East.
It gives us the insight on matters like current affairs, facts, et al.
The newspaper helps public, especially the student folk, to build on their knowledge. I am glad that The Shillong Times is to cross yet another significant milestone, and I pray that it continues its legacy for centuries ahead.
Long live The Shillong Times!

Brightwell Lamin, a Reader

The Shillong Times enters its 75th year and as it is, I and my family feel delighted to let you know that we rejoice in the same manner as all associated to the English daily.
The essence of grammar maintained by the daily is very pleasant. Readers, ranging from kids to the aged find it really easy to follow through the pages of the local daily.
I, personally find it quite simple too, however there is still a tinge of class to the kind of language that is followed.
The Shillong Times is one of the best English dailies of the region, reporting on matters that are unbiased and ethical. The editorial page gives the public an opportunity in highlighting the affairs of the state.
The subjects that require mass attention are reported and published fearlessly, regardless of consequences. Thanks to The Shillong Times for the locals are updated about the matters that concern their home.
I pray and wish that the organisation sees more glorious days ahead. Keep up the good work.

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