Musical memories recently relived the memories of old Shillong music through a wonderful soiree organised in association with well-known local band Colours.
Veteran singers Headingson Ryntathiang, Shandaland Tariang, Halcom Tariang and Phom Lytan mesmerised the audience with popular old numbers. The auditorium was packed to the rafters and people from all age groups and walks of life were present among the audience.
The show was a success and the various stalls were also sold out by the end of the night.
Among other performers were Colours, Donboklang Dohling, the Strait Brothers, Barry Mawthoh, Wari Lyngwa, Sara War, Kyntiew and more.
These artists performed age old classics such as Suspicious Mind, Speedy Gonzales, Hello Mary Lou with zest.
The main intention of the programme is to felicitate four main artistes who have contributed heavily to the music scene in Shillong and Meghalaya. Headingson Ryntathiang, Phom Lytan, Shandaland Tariang and Halcom Tariang. will organise another event similar to Nostalgia: Reliving Memories and it will be an unplugged classic rock version. There is also the Kite Festival which will be held in December.
“ team thrives on bringing such joy to the city. People had given amazing feedback and we can see they want more. We are very pleased that Nostalgia turned out to be such a great event. We were skeptical at first but looking at the response of the crowd we hope for more ‘Nostalgias’ to come and we hope the music loving crowd of the city enjoys them and brings back the tag that Shillong has always lived that is being called the rock capital of India,” said a member of Rympei.

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