Act East to benefit small NE states: Sema

NEW DELHI: A reoriented Act East Policy will change the face of the smaller states in the North East that is the gateway for this NDA government’s programme, Dr Sukhato Sema, vice president of the BJP in Nagaland has said.
“I must say from the Act East Policy of the Modi government, which has specific importance for us in the Northeastern region, and other foreign policy efforts, an important underlining message we get is that the Prime Minister has strong focus on India’s domestic interest,” he said in a statement.
“This is all the more important for us, the Nagas, and other natives of the North East because the smaller states have so far not been able to take any major step in augmenting funds from abroad. Though it is true, some beginning has been made in the recent past,” he added.
The BJP leader pointed out that the push for FDI in major infrastructure, including modernising the railways and building new highways should also be “appreciated in that spirit” and developments in the last five years “have demonstrated clearly that the foreign policy is being driven by PM Modi and rightly so.”
Sema said that the push for connectivity in the region includes connecting all the habitations through all-weather roads under the PM Gram Sadak Yojana and building a network of industrial corridors.
“The Northeastern states and other smaller states will benefit from these schemes,” he added.

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