Two WWII bombs detonated

SHILLONG: It was not quite a ‘blast’ from the past but the Meghalaya Police 1st Battalion in Mawiong was “shaken” when they had to detonate two unexploded bombs from the World War II period.
The shells were recovered from Sohryngkham and Nongmensong last month, East Khasi Hills SP Claudia Lyngwa said on Monday.
The SP said a group of people found one of the shells on July 24 when they were digging a land in Nongmensong.
A few days later, the second shell was found by a person from Sohryngkham who brought it to the nearby police station.
Unexploded ordnances, or UXOs, are unexploded bombs which pose a risk of detonation.
Lyngwa said those who found the shells had the presence of mind not to fiddle with them.
Later, the police detonated the explosives with the help of the bomb squad of the Special Branch at the MLP 1st Battalion with proper safety measures.
“The whole battalion was actually shaken when the detonation was being done,” Lyngwa said.
According to her, the police had to get the order from the court to carry out the detonation safely.

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