Con man arrested from Jhalupara

SHILLONG: Shillong police on Wednesday arrested one person from Jhalupara while he was trying to sell Rasna as Heroin in puriyas

The patrolling party of the police caught the person who has been identified as   Manjit Singh (27) from Ghat Building, Jhalupara

When the cops conducted the tests on the Puriyas, it was found that there was no heroin and Singh was trying to corn the addicts since the supply of heroin has dried up in Shillong.

The arrested person is a resident of Goralane, Health Complex

The police knew that such instances are taking place in the city where addicts are being corned as some try to sell Rasna and other stuffs to adducts as heroin

Cops informed that the supply of drugs have dried up in Shillong as the Independence Day has approached and police nakas are everywhere.

The police say that their task will be difficult once the nakas are lifted as the peddlers will be making attempts to push more and more stuffs in the city.

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