Independence Day Run in Tura

TURA: Hundreds of athletes both young and old participated in the ‘Independence Day Run for Unity and Integrity’ which was held in Tura on Wednesday morning as part of the Independence Day celebration on August 15. The run kicked off from Chandmary Playground in Tura culminating at the P A Sangma Stadium at Dakopgre.The winners of the marathon run in the Male category were Batsrang A Sangma (1st), Bethnar A Sangma (2nd) and Withnar A Sangma (3rd), all from Tebronggre Village, while Orchid M Momin from Walbakgre, Tensilchi B Marak from Rongkhon Agilanggre and Mannesa M Marak from Nokatgre Mukdangra were the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in the Female category. The youngest runner in the Male category was Derrick Ch Marak (5 years) from Ringrey and Yukie D Sangma (4 years) in the Female cathegory. The oldest participants in the Veteran category were 68 year old, Greden W Marak (Male) from Forestilla and 46 year old, Silme K Marak (Female) from Rongkhon Songgital.

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