Hamlet slams UDP for claiming Speaker’s post

SHILLONG: Urban Affairs Minister and People’s Democratic Front (PDF) MLA Hamlet Dohling has castigated the UDP for insisting that the post of Speaker of the Assembly should go to the latter.
Speaking to newsmen here on Thursday, Dohling said that the United Progressive Front, which includes PDF, will discuss the matter and the coalition will put up its candidate for the post of Speaker before the MDA alliance.
“However, the final call regarding the post of Speaker will be taken only in the MDA meeting,” Dohling said.
On the UDP’s claim that the post of Speaker belongs to the party as it was held by its late president and Speaker Donkupar Roy, he said it was not “wise and right” and instead they should project their candidate before the MDA.
He said that the best thing for UDP and other parties who want to have the post of Speaker is to place the matter in the MDA meeting where the final call will be taken.
Informing that the UPF is meeting within a few days to select its candidate for the top post of the Assembly, he added that the UDP till now has not requested the PDF to not to field any candidate in the Shella bypoll.
“We will also discuss this matter in our PDF meeting,” Dohling added.

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