Concern raised over rampant transportation of stones from Tikrikilla region

TURA: Nokmas and Gaonburas from Tikrikilla region have raised concern on the rampant functioning of illegal stone quarries leading to stones from the region being transported unchecked by non-local quarry owners who do not posses any valid documents.

The concern was raised during the meeting of the Association of Nokmas and Gaonburas from Tikrikilla region which was held on Saturday at Bakripara Village in West Garo Hills. During the meeting it was highlighted that stones from the region were being transported to Assam on a regular basis resulting in environmental degradation and the same was being done under the noses of many nokmas and gaonburas who allow the illegal activity. It was decided to check and stop the illegal activity in future.

The association also decided to apprise the government of several link road in the region which have remained without repair for many decades and to seek action.

Other issues also discussed during the meeting included rampant drinking of alcohol and consumption of tobacco by school students and their sale, the rampant use of plastic and to seek prohibition of its use by the District administration, the rise in crime like kidnapping and robbery in the vicinity of the Gaptuli Forest regions and to seek the setting up of an Anti Dacoity Camp in the region and the lack of proper toilets in Tikrikilla market and grievances being faced by the people in terms of banking.

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