Youth body claims cancellation of road projects under Gambegre untrue

TURA: The Gambegre Regional Unit of the All A’chik Youth Federation (AAYF) has refused to accept that five PMGSY village road projects under Gambegre Block has been cancelled and claim that the misinformation given to them by block officials is aimed at deceiving them.

Earlier, the local unit had taken up the five pending village road projects with authorities concerned and questioned the status of their construction. The local unit is said to have been informed by the SDO at the time that all five road projects in question have been cancelled.

According to the federation, the village roads whose projects were allegedly cancelled prior to its completion included 24th Km of Ampati-Purakhasia Road to Tochapara, 24th Km of Ampati-Purakhasia Road to Rimrangpara, 26th Km of Adugiri-Purakhasia Road to Rakwapara, 3rd Km of Gambegre-Darengre via Amindagre Road (NH-51 Darengre PHC) to Bolchugre, Nengja Bolchu and the 3 Km road to Rakwapara via Sentapara. All the roads come under Gambegre Block in West Garo Hills and were sanctioned in the year 2015-16.

However, the local unit asserted that it would not accept the claim by block officials until and unless they are shown the cancellation papers.

“We have repeatedly visited the department concerned at Barengapara, but they have yet to provide us the papers. The claim that all five road projects have been cancelled is just a ruse and we will not believe it. We are not working blind or on the basis of some wild speculations,” Cheman Ch Marak, the president of the local unit said.The local unit added that it was only concerned with work re-starting on the Darengre to Nengja Bolchugre Road and the claim that all five road projects under Gambegre Block have been cancelled, was merely aimed to lead them astray in their cause.    

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