Assam NGO seeks probe into NRC ‘anomalies’

80 lakh foreigners, including jihadis, included in citizens’ register

GUWAHATI: City-based NGO, Assam Public Works (APW) has submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court requesting a proper investigation by a judicial committee to detect in a “crystal clear manner” the alleged anomalies in the update of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) published in August last year.
APW, the original petitioner in the Supreme Court which led to the process of updating the NRC six years back, alleged that the NRC was a process by which there was a large-scale inclusion of foreigners, including jihadis to become the citizens of this country.
“The NRC has not only excluded various names of the sons of the soil but also included the names of almost 80 lakh of foreigners, including jihadis,” APW president, Aabhijeet Sharma said in a statement issued on Tuesday.
“Lately, arrested jehadis, Azharuddin (ARN 101830302021048301267), Ranjit Ali (ARN 101830202015157900632), Luit Jamiul Jamal (ARN 1018302020151557400094), Muqaddir Islam (ARN 1018302020151557400094) etc. are legalised Indian citizens through the NRC. We have been recurrently applying to the concerned authorities regarding these grave issues,” Sharma said.
APW also prayed before the apex court for a halt to the NRC exercise till the final settlement of the cases 562/2012 and 311/2015 in the court of the Constitutional Bench.
“At this point of time, till the final settlement of those two cases, we have applied for suspension of the NRC process and to go for 100 per cent re-verification of the entire process. Along with that, we have also recommended the agencies like CBI, NIA, and Enforcement Directorate be allowed to do the needful investigation to find the misappropriation of various segments of the process,” he said.
Sharma further expressed eagerness to submit more information substantiating the NGO’s claim to the investigating agencies as and when it is required.
“We just wish the matter to be investigated by high level agencies under the supervision of the central home ministry. We won’t stop at anything. We will continue to raise this issue till all the discrepancies regarding the NRC are settled, and all the people who earned money in a corrupt manner are punished,” the APW president said.

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