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A legend lives in death house

By CK Nayak Last month, Bangladesh celebrated the birth centenary of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who founded the country nearly 50 years ago after a bloody struggle. The house where the Bangabandhu was staying after victory still reminds its…

Tribute to Indian manuscript

By Vishnu Makhijani Somewhere close to 2000, as an informal consultant, renowned art historian BN Goswami (in picture) was going over the San Diego Museum of Arts’ holdings of Indian paintings, nearly all of which came from the…

Relax & take a deep breath

Dr Anjana Kannankara As the new coronavirus continues to spread, so have the anxieties about COVID-19 and the illness it causes. The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for many people. Fear and anxiety

Village on clouds

From CK Nayak While Meghalaya is the abode of clouds with high rainfall, Yemen’s Al-Hutaib village never receives rain for which it is well-known and featured in Planet Earth documentaries. It is an irony that this village is not in a

Take your pick after board exams

By Ranjan K Baruah One of the challenging periods in our academic life is after appearing for the Class XII board examinations as we need to write different entrances for admissions to different courses or institutes. Most of the

‘Pure Indian cuisine is best’

Former MasterChef Australia contestant Sarah Todd was present at a recent event of Black & White Scotch in Kolkata. In an interview with IBNS-TWF correspondent Souvik Ghosh, Todd talked about her journey in MasterChef Australia and

That yellow yolk on your plate may have chemical

By Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Over the years we have been conditioned to like certain things and dislike others. Sometimes these likes come in waves called fashion and die out, others are ingrained in us over decades. In India, we still

Fighting it with common sense

By DC Pathak Perhaps the most meaningful observation about corona virus that a medical professional made in an interview, was that ‘the virus has understood us better than we have understood it’, thereby suggesting that we are up against…

Careful with broiler on plate

By Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Every now and then I rescue chickens from the illegal roadside khokhas, where they sit in wire cages and watch their brothers being beheaded. (I have stopped all the khokhas in my constituency and so should you as…