Mukul-militant ‘nexus’ allegation turns murkier

ANVC-B C-in-C claims nexus between CM and ANVC chief Dilash


Dr. Mukul Sangma: More trouble beckons


SHILLONG: The alleged nexus between Chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma and ANVC-B chairman Rimpu Marak took a new turn with ANVC-B ‘commander-in-chief’ Mokus Marak now alleging ‘nexus’ between the Chief Minister and ANVC chairman Dilash Marak.

In a statement issued here on Sunday, Mokus disclosed that Rimpu Marak had met Dr. Mukul Sangma and had even called some legislators asking them to support the Mukul-led Government during the earlier political crisis.

“Sir Rimpu and I did what we were ordered. It is true that Sir Rimpu had met Mukul and I called up Garo legislators to support Mukul Government during the crisis but the nexus is not between Sir Rimpu and Mukul, it is between Dilash and Mukul,” Mokus Marak claimed.

According to Marak, Dilash was the chairman of the ANVC then and it is he who had ordered them (Rimpu and Mokus) to meet or call up the MLAs.

“We were made to do odd things by Dilash and Wanding (general secretary of ANVC) including kidnapping of NCP MDCs as Dilash and Wanding were in constant touch with Mukul,” Mokus alleged.

“We were not ‘good’ to Mukul and now his Government wants us dead,” Mokus alleged, while claiming that the call records of Dilash, Wanding, Mukul and his Personal Secretary will ‘confirm the nexus’.

Mokus added that Rimpu Marak is being made the scapegoat by all these leaders and he is being hunted for remaining positively determined to come over ground with hundreds of cadres who are with him.

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