Bandhs, the way to empowerment

We all need to give a big hand and congratulate all those organizations who call for bandhs, strikes, road blockades etc…..which according to their wise minds is a freedom to demonstrate their ” free expression of democracy ” albeit at the inconvenience of others who depend on daily earnings to feed their families in many small ways. We should also thank HYC – an organization which has even dared to ask all educational institutions to close on the 29th May for facilitating their ‘ cause ‘ for the well-being of the society. What a joke this is ! People from other states just wonder at the kind of ‘ tamasha ‘ we allow to take place which in the very judgement of the Supreme Court has declared any form of agitation as unconstitutional as it tends to disturb, coerce, force and prohibit the free movement and occupation of people in a democratic set up. In fact we should look at both ends of the impact before calling any sort of agitation and see that we don’t harm or strangle the livelihood of the other section of society. Perhaps the current dispensation under Dr.Mukul Sangma should address the issue before the Apex Court takes notice of the state’s lackadaisical attitude.
Yours etc.
Dominic Stadlin Wankhar,
Shillong -3

Kudos St Francis D’ Assisi School!

This is not about politics or about the fragility of our society, but rather a positive development that needs to be shared. The students of St. Francis D’ Assisi school Siejlieh, West Khasi Hills must be congratulated for their performance in the recent SSLC and HSSLC examination. Thirteen years in the running since the brothers came to town but I still cannot fathom how the Franciscan friars under the leadership of Br. Herman Wanniang, are running this massive institution and how they are managing to pay the teacher’s salaries and creating other infrastructure within such a short period of time. And mind you the teachers are getting a decent salary. .
The school started off with elementary classes and extended to high school and now a college. This is a huge blessing for the people of the town and the district at large, for we are in urgent need of a college, besides Nongstoin College, and we got one. The ” First come First serve” policy of Br. Herman the college principal, is to me an amazing and a very decent policy. It reflects St. Francis’s method of inclusion and giving opportunity to the poor and to all students seeking admission regardless of their marks and divisions. As a religious congregation this is true preaching of the Gospel because it is true missionary work. I genuinely wish to thank Br. Herman who has been sweating and honestly working so hard on this project. He is the man behind everything, the people of Siejlieh who are working hand in hand with the brothers over there, the Government for assisting in construction of the institution and of course the blessings of the almighty God. The people of the area are truly indebted to St Francis D’ Assisi School and College.
Yours etc.,
Mickey M.Marwein.
Nongstoin, Pyndengrei

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