Bacardi NH7 Weekender to boost cultural exchange

The upcoming music     festival- Bacardi NH7     Weekender 2015 to kick start in Shillong will provide an opportunity to promote cultural exchange, tourism and economic boom.
Vijay Nair, Chief Executive Officer of OML, is expecting Shillong to have the biggest turnout in the history of the festival.
“Knowing that accommodation will be a problem during the festival, the OML team is encouraging locals to become homestay hosts. “The idea isn’t just to spread music, but also indulge in cultural exchange. The concept of homestay will also give an economic boom to the locals,” said Nair.
The rock capital of India, Shillong is ready to host not only the happiest music festival- Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2015, but the music enthusiasts from the financial capital of India, Mumbai too. Only Much Louder (OML), the management company to the festival has collaborated with IndiGo to arrange return air tickets from Mumbai to Guwahati and two way bus facilities from Guwahati airport to Shillong for the music fans planning to attend the festival.
The festival which turns six this year, is expanding to the fifth city – Shillong, but it kicks off from here in northeast for the very first time on October 23.
Expecting a huge turn-out in city, Nair said, “Shillong was always a part of the long-term plan. In fact Kolkata has a big role to play in it. The event’s success in the ‘City of Joy’ led to our decision to go further east”.
“Our roots not only run deep in Mumbai, but we also know the pulse of these people. There are many from here who want to attend the festival in Shillong over Pune. Hence, to begin this package from Mumbai was no-brainer. Similarly, if the demand for Shillong grows, we will introduce similar packages from other cities next year,” says Nair.
“We are expecting around 20,000 people in the two-day  festival. 550 tickets were booked in Mizoram and 150 in Siliguri”, he added.

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