Ri Bhoi village grapples with whodunit question

Stones, potatoes fall on house

NONGPOH: Stones, potatoes and assorted materials have been raining down on a house at Umtrew in Ri Bhoi district for the past few days, but nobody knows from where or by whom.
Intrigued residents are now wondering whether this is paranormal activity.
Narrating the goings-on, Kingstar Thongni, who is the owner of the house, told The Shillong Times on Monday that the chain of events began on Friday night at around 10 pm.
He said there was sound of knocking on the door of his parents’ house located within a few metres thrice.
Suspecting the handiwork of miscreants, the family informed the village leaders who then visited the house and started a search.
A few hours later, stones started landing at the front verandah of his house.
On seeing this, the villagers who were patrolling the area, started looking around to see if any miscreant was involved.
However, none was found prompting the villagers to think that there might be some kind of paranormal activity going on.
Since Friday, Thongni informed that no one from the family has taken any material from the house as they were staying with their parents.
Strangely, an opened box of potatoes was found with a finger mark, which Thongni said was not theirs.
From that time, potatoes, stones as well as other household articles were being thrown inside and out of the house despite the presence of people who were on patrolling duty.
Even as this correspondent was talking to Thongni at around 9 pm, stones were thrown at the verandah of the house.
Thongni, who is father to two sons and a daughter, also informed that this was the first time that such an incident was witnessed. He has been staying in this house for six months now.
Villagers, who were also present at the spot, informed that they were witness to the incident.
They said that as some of them were inside the house, some were also outside, but the stones and other materials kept being thrown from the back of the house to the roof and the verandah and some of the stones even fell on them, but fortunately, no one was injured.
This is not the first time that such activity has been reported in Ri Bhoi district.
Earlier, a man at Pahamriniai village was also alleged to have had fights with a ghost at his house.
It is said that paranormal activities do occur though it cannot be proven scientifically.
Only those who face it can express how horrible it is to witness or face such things.
Old-timers say that if there are incidents similar to the one at Umtrew village, it is because the deities or some kind of supernatural force is moving through this route.

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