ANVC-B seeks Rajnath’s help to speed up peace pact

SHILLONG: The ANVC-B has requested the Union Government to speed up the entire peace pact settlement between the outfit and the two Governments.

In a memorandum submitted to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, ANVC-B chairman Rimpu Marak said there was a need to speed up the settlement since implementation of schemes under the peace pact would pave way for job opportunities for youths which, in turn, will help young people to engage in jobs rather than taking up arms.

“An early settlement would help us in restraining the situation in Garo Hills from further deterioration,” he said.

The outfit also said that the situation in Garo Hills is deteriorating day in and out and people are opting for peace and normalcy in Garo Hills which is fading away with each passing day.

According to Marak, in spite of signing the ‘peace pact’, the State Government did not provide them with designated camps nor provided them with assistance and security which has forced many of their cadres to turn deserters.

Stating that four of their cadres had been killed by the State Police in a ‘fake encounter’ near Tura where the cadres were taking shelter due to non-allocation of official camps, Marak said that the killings have led to morale disorientation among his cadres compelling them to move back to the jungle giving rise to many splinter groups.

He also added that GNLA had agreed to sit for talks but initiative from the State Government was awaited.

The ANVC-B leader also reminded that GNLA chairman Champion Sangma, who is presently lodged in Shillong Jail, had passed a positive message indicating his willingness to join the mainstream.

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