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High heels can be be damaging

Those perfect high heels might look great on you, but they come with much pain and suffering. "High heels being bad for health and comfort, barely stops women from wearing them occasionally. Women often make sacrifices for foot fashion and

Moisturisers cannot prevent eczema in babies

Researchers have found that using daily moisturisers on newborn babies cannot prevent eczema as previously thought. Eczema is a very common skin problem affecting around one in five children in the UK. It usually starts in infancy, and a

India ranks 77th on sustainability: UN report

India ranked 77th on a sustainability index that takes into account per capita carbon emissions and ability of children in a nation to live healthy lives and was placed 131st on a ranking that measures the best chance at survival and

Eat fruit, vegetables for healthy heart

Researchers have found that high consumption of fruit and vegetables is linked to lowered odds of memory loss and its co-morbid heart disease. For the study, published in the International Journal of Public Health, the researchers studied

Saliva can predict excess body fat

In addition to keeping the mouth moist and protecting us against germs, saliva can also be used for early detection of the risk of developing diseases associated with surplus body fat, a new study suggests. For the findings, published in

7 best vitamins for athletes

In the world of health and fitness, a balanced diet coupled with a healthy lifestyle is the foundation for athletes to build on their bodies, keep their energy levels high to beat fatigue and perform at their best. While all vitamins and