Ardent solicits public support to improve standards of Iewduh

12-08-14 Shillong- Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council meeting (5)

SHILLONG: Shopkeepers, vendors and traders operating in Iewduh (Bara Bazar) and even the general public has responded positively to the attempt of the KHADC and the Syiem of Mylliem to restore the lost glory of the oldest traditional market of the North East region by approving the resolutions adopted earlier which was placed in the public domain during a meeting held at Motphran on Tuesday.

“We have come here to make a formal announcement about the various resolutions which was arrived at during the meeting held on July 28 on the measures which will be initiated to improve the general standards and overall surroundings of Iewduh,” KHADC CEM Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit said at the public meeting attended by hundreds of people.

Speaking on the resolutions which were adopted on July 28, Basaiawmoit said that they have decided to put a stop to all illegal liquor shops operating in Iewduh.

“The existence of illegal liquor shops goes against the sanctity of this market. I would urge upon the office of the Syiem of Mylliem to ensure that no restaurant in Iewduh is allowed to sell liquor,” the CEM said, adding that the primary reason to ban illegal sale of liquor is to improve the overall security scenario in the market.

He also said that a resolution has been adopted to make it mandatory for all porters (dajus in local parlance) to register themselves with the Syiem of Mylliem.

“Besides registering themselves, non-tribal porters will have to obtain labour license from the KHADC. Registration of the porters will help the Syiem of Mylliem to maintain detailed records about their antecedents,” he said, adding that all porters will have to wear uniforms and bear name plates.

The CEM said they have taken a strong exception to the presence of illegal settlers who have turned the market place into their residence. “We will ensure that such illegal settlers are evicted since the market cannot be allowed to be used for residential purposes,” he said.

Basaiawmoit also informed that they have decided to take steps to prevent middlemen from taking away 1 kg out of every 10 kg of goods sold in the market.

“We have set a condition that middlemen can deduct 3 kg from every 100 kg and 2 kg from every 50 kg of goods sold,” he said, adding that this would prevent exploitation of the farmers by middlemen or non-tribal traders.

The KHADC and the Hima Mylliem have also agreed in principle to initiate joint measures to restore the past glory of the traditional market (Iewduh).

“We have decided to jointly take up various measures to revamp and improve the surroundings of the market,” Basaiawmoit added. He also informed that other decisions taken at the July 28 meeting included construction of public toilets, systematic positioning of water pipes and addressing problems of the vendors in the market, among others.

The CEM urged the people, including shopkeepers and traders, to cooperate with the Council and the Hima in their efforts to revamp the market.

He also indicated that the KHADC and the Syiem of Mylliem would try and locate a suitable place for setting up of a wholesale market for vegetable products.

“The shifting of the wholesale market will ease the present congestion at Iewduh,” Basaiawmoit said.

Meanwhile, Syiem of Mylliem, Latho Manik Syiem, appreciated the steps taken by the Council to give a facelift to the oldest traditional market.

“This is the first Executive Committee (EC) in the KHADC that has taken such an initiative. None of the EC in the past had approached the Syiem of Mylliem for this noble objective. I assure that my office will give full cooperation towards improving the overall surroundings of the market,” he said.

Others who were present at the meeting included KHADC chairperson Teilinia Thangkhiew, Deputy CEM Teinwell Dkhar, KHADC deputy chairman Pyniaid N Syiem, Executive Members James Ban Basaiawmoit, Latiplang Kharkongor, Process T Sawkmie, KP Pangngiang, Grace Mary Kharpuri and Donkupar Sumer, Myntris of Hima Mylliem and staff of the Council.

Steps proposed
l Closure of all illegal liquor shops at Iewduh
l All porters to register with themselves with Syiem of Mylliem
l Labour license, uniform and name plate compulsory for porters
l No illegal residences to be allowed in Iewduh
l Move to eliminate clout of middlemen
l Construction of public toilets at Iewduh
l Repositioning of water pipes in Iewduh
l Relocation of vegetable wholesale market

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