Kyrshan War: pioneer in fight against dual post

SHILLONG: Long before CSWO president Agnes Kharshiing moved the PIL on dual post, there was serious attempt on the part of Chairman of  Hynniewtrep Peoples Social  Organisation  (HPSO)  Kyrshan War to prevent elected representatives from holding ‘dual post of offices of profit’.
In 2006, War had even sent a petition to the Election Commission of India against the MLAs holding duals post like MDCs in Meghalaya, and he had even sought disqualification of MLAs holding such posts.
The memorandum submitted to the Election Commission in March, 2006 by War had said “as of today many elected members of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly are also elected as members of the Autonomous District Councils (MDCs). Such members holding simultaneous office in both the Assembly and the Councils draw and enjoy remuneration, perks from  both the institutions”
In the same year, War had filed a PIL before the then Shillong Bench of the Gauhati High Court against  MLAs holding the posts of Parliamentary Secretaries, Chairmen and Vice Chairmen
Speaking to The Shillong Times,War said that he had filed the PIL sometime in 2006 before the then Shillong Bench of the Gauhati  High Court against MLAs holding the posts of Parliamentary Secretaries, Chairmen, Vice Chairmen or Co-Chairmen.
War has appreciated and welcomed the decision of the Assembly to bar MLAs from holding the post of MDCs.
“It is a good sign, as from the formation of the State, MLAs have been functioning as MDCs and it was allowed for long”, War said.
According to War, the same spirit should be followed regarding MLAs holding other offices of profit including Parliamentary Secretaries, Chairman, Co-Chairman and others.
War pointed out that after he filed the PIL in the then Shillong Bench of the Gauhati  High Court, his lawyer told him that the Judge wanted  to wait for the verdict from the Supreme Court, since a similar petition was filed by a petitioner  from Himachal Pradesh in the Supreme Court.
“I am still waiting for the verdict after I filed the PIL”, War said
He said that his intention to file PIL was to avoid wasteful expenditure after the downsizing of the ministry.
In Meghalaya the spirit of  the downsizing of the ministry was defeated after the Government started appointing Parliamentary Secretaries to satisfy the MLAs who were dropped from the ministry, War pointed out.
The intention of downsizing was to minimize the expenditure so that the same money can go for development works, but the reality has become different as there was large scale appointment of Parliamentary Secretaries, Chairmen and Vice-chairmen in Meghalaya, War added.
Disqualification of MLAs sought
Meanwhile, Agnes  Kharshiing whose PIL is pending with High Court of Meghalaya has decided to carry on with the fight till its logical conclusion as she wanted the disqualification of MLAs from the Assembly since they had enjoyed the facilities of MDCs for long.
“When I filed the PIL last year, the 8 legislators were still holding the posts of MDCs  and though the House passed the Bill to protect them from disqualification , I will press for their disqualification”, Kharshiing said.
She also wanted to know when did the Governor ask the State Government to take a decision on the issue of dual posts after the direction from the High Court.
Kharshiing said that she was yet to get the last order issued on August 25 by the High Court of Meghalaya.

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