Hauled with his own petard



At a time of Christmas festivities when we are reminded of the holiness and purity of the Saviour,I dont want to unnecessarily remind readers about the contrast with impurity. But the brash words of Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union minister in defending his boss, Narendra Modi(vide news dated 22 Dec) to the extent of saying.”Our PM is as pure as the Ganga river” is too much to be left unanswered.A 2006 measurement of pollution reveals the Ganga has fecal coliform counts upto 100,000,000 MPN(Most probable number) per 100ml.An estimated 2958 crores of rupees has already been spent up to July 2016 for cleaning the Ganga but it is not yet complete. I am truly sorry for this country. If that is the level of the PM’s purity, then what is impure? As Shakespeare would have said about Mr.Shankar Prasad, “hoist with his own petard”.


Rasputin Bismarck



Demonetisation and currency notes


During  the  British  period,  currency  notes  issued  by  the  Bank  of  Bengal were  categorized  in the following  3  series – the Unfaced series,  Commerce series and Brittania series. The  Brittania  series  replaced  Commerce  series  in !9th  century  and  the  new  series  had  some  better  features  to  prevent  forgery . Then the  paper  currency of 1861 gave the Government monopoly of  currency  notes  throughout  the  vast  expanse of  British India,  which  was  a  considerable  task . Eventually  , the  management  of  currency  notes  was  entrusted  to  the  Mint  Masters ,  the  Accountant  Generals  and  the  Controller  of  Currency. The  first  sets  of  British  India  currency  notes  were  “ Victoria  Portraits “ of  10, 20, 50, 100 and  1000 denominations. Then came  the  “George  Series “ in  1923.  The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) emerged  eventually  and  in  1938  issued  the  first  5  rupee  note  with  the  portrait of  George VI .  Following  the  Independence  of  India, Government of  India  brought  out  the  new  1 rupee notes  in  1949  and  this  was  eventually  replaced  by  the portrait  of  Gandhi  and he continued  to  feature  on  all  currency  notes  and also in all  the  new  brand  of  currency  series  after Demonetisation. This  time  , I  personally  felt  that  Netaji  Subhas Ch  Bose  would  definitely  feature  at least  on  one  series,  but  Prime Minister Modi  did  not  allow that to happen. Has Bose not done anything for this country? The  Indian  economy  is  now  at  the crossroads  and  hence  even  a  tiny  sentiment  should  be  respected  .  I  personally  feel that   many  people  of  India  want  to  see  some  new  portraits  on  the  currency  notes .  We expect  the  same  tricks  propagated  for  70 years to be defeated.  Time  has  come  to  design  everything  afresh ,  not  only  demonetisation !

Yours etc.,

 Anjan Kr Das,

Shillong- 6


Liquor sale on highways


The Supreme Court deserves kudos for its decision to ban States and Union Territories from granting licenses  for the sale of liquor along National and State highways across the country, noting that drunken driving was the main culprit behind a large number of road accidents in the country. Liquor remained one of the foremost evils of Indian society. Since the national and state highways are more prone to accidents, the apex court has taken a good decision. It is the stringent laws against drunk and rash driving, proper and effective enforcement of the laws and the tough and sincere judiciary in dealing with the accidents alone which could ultimately have a positive effect in dealing with the ever growing accidents.
Yours etc.,

Vinod C. Dixit
Via email


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