Agatha’s water shield against Billykid attack

TURA: The NPP candidate from South Tura finally reacted to the criticisms of her opponent from BJP on Sunday.
In a press statement issued in the evening, former MP Agatha Sangma said former MLA Billykid A Sangma was not aware of the role of a Union minister.
Last Thursday, Billykid had accused Agatha of doing nothing during her tenure as the minister of state for rural development.
In reply, Agatha said the ministry during her tenure took a landmark decision to ensure that industries contributed to water conservation.
“As an environment management professional, I had made an effort to streamline the use of appropriate effluent treatment plants so that toxic discharge from industries doesn’t contaminate water sources,” said Agatha in her statement.
During Agatha’s tenure, the ministry invested Rs 100,000 crore in regulating groundwater extraction for industrial and agricultural purposes, the statement read. “I do not want to go into any confrontation with my opponents… but I want to clarify on the allegations against me and set the record straight,” said Agatha.
Billykid had demanded that Agatha provide details of the work she had done for Tura.
“My respected opponent (Billykid) failed to gauge the role of an MP and a union minister. People of Garo Hills are well aware of my responsibility as minister of state and also my contributions,” said Agatha and added that as a junior minister, she had intervened in different areas of rural development across the country, including Meghalaya and other states in the region.

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