Sunn remembers Capt Douglas winery, wants revival

SHILLONG: The new Mawphlang legislator S K Sunn on Monday sought government intervention to resume a disrupted wine making initiative of a Mawphlang resident that dated back to 1947.
During the discussion on Governor’s address in Assembly on Monday, Sunn recollected that in 1947, following the license issued by the then Governor of Assam, Sir Akbar Hydari, Captain Harold Douglas Hunt, husband of Delli Nongdhar, a resident of Mawphlang, established a distillery at Mawphlang.
The distillery produced the famous Mawphlang Cherry wine and Cherry brandy and were sold all over the country, he said. 
“Sadly, following the death of Captain Harold Douglas Hunt, the distillery became defunct during the 1980’s as there were no able family members to continue with the business those days”, Sunn said. 
According to Sunn, it was informed that about 100-150 workers were employed per day in the wine and brandy making industry at Mawphlang. 
“ Now, the great grand children of Captain Harold Douglas Hunt are eager to start again including brewing beer and I have no doubt that with a little help and encouragement from the government, this wine and brandy including beer making industry could start again and could be a blessing to the unemployed youths, the farmers and the tourists as well”, Sunn added.

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