Hundreds of vehicles stranded due to flash flood in Nongpoh

NONGPOH: Flash flood in Nongpoh is a common sight thanks to the poor and narrow drainage system build by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) along the roadside of NH-6.
On Tuesday, several parts of Nongpoh area were flooded after a downpour causing huge traffic jams as several vehicles were stranded for hours especially at Mawdiangum village near Woodland Restaurant. Shops have to shut down and people were left helpless as spectators.
Though this issue has been raised by many quarters from time to time since the implementation of the four-lane project in the District, yet there has been no action so far from the NHAI to address this difficulty faced by the daily commuters and the public at large.
While talking to The Shillong Times, some of the affected people who witness the traffic jam and flash flood expressed their anger at the lackadaisical attitude of the NHAI in widening the drainage system. They also urged the NGO’s to come forward in addressing this issue with the concerned authority.
Few shopkeepers who were also affected by the flash flood urged the District Administration and the Nongpoh Town Committee to take serious measures in addressing this issue at the earliest.
“An ultimatum should be given to the NHAI to address this difficulty face by the general public from time to time at the earliest, if need be, the NGO’s and the local people should come together and stop the collections at the Toll Plaza by the NHAI as long as this matter has not been addressed,” one of the angry shopkeepers lamented.

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