PN Syiem downplays differences within PDF


SHILLONG: Chairman of People’s Democratic Front (PDF), PN Syiem dismissed the conflict in the party as minor misunderstanding that is witnessed in every party.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, he said, “In the past few months and days, I cannot deny that there were misunderstandings in the party. It takes place in every party. The party will ensure that things run smoothly.”

With the developments surfacing in the party, he said the Central Working Committee (CWC) in its last meeting endorsed four MLAs-Banteidor Lyngdoh, Gavin Mylliemngap, Jason S. Mawlong and Hamlet Dohling with the task of giving recommendation for the smooth functioning of the party.

The PDF has of late faced many unusual turns following the support extended to the Khasi Hills Democratic Alliance (KHDA) by five PDF MDCs including the Parliamentary Party leader, James Ban Basaiawmoit, Banteidor Lyngdoh, Arbinus Lyngdoh, Hadrian Lyngdoh and Morningstar Mawsor.

Their sudden move has been heavily criticised by another PDF MDC, Grace Mary Kharpuri.

On the MDCs supporting the KHDA coalition led by HS Shylla, he said, “Cannot comment now as it will be discussed in the next CWC meeting. Misunderstandings can be discussed and resolved at the meeting.”

Syiem downplayed the act of the five MDCs and said the MDCs had not sidelined him, “they have their own thinking. However, there is a need for party direction.”

He informed that the issues of conflict within the party will be discussed in the next CWC meeting while it is also waiting for a report from the four MDCs.

“There will be no talks on Council elections as the party will have to sort out the differences in the party and proceed ahead,” he added.

With the Opposition members in the KHADC being reduced to two MDCs –Syiem and Kharpuri, the former refused to make any comment but said, “In the district Council anything can happen at any time.”

He said PDF was formed on the ground of fighting for issues such as rights of traditional heads, MUDA, land problems at Saitsohpen and mineral issue.

“As a leader of the party I am concerned that we have not been able to achieve the objective of the party. Even if I lose the election, the importance of the party lies in focussing on the issues of the party,” he added.

Having lost the Ranikor bye-poll, Syiem said he did not regret contesting the election and cited the instance of former Chief Minister DD Lapang when he lost the election in 1993, current CM Conrad Sangma also lost an election once.

“I have nothing to regret but will work to improve the system,” he said.

Asked to comment on the performance of the MDA government, Syiem refused to make any comment stating that PDF is also part of the government.

He also refused to comment on the performance of the PDF ministers, Banteidor Lyngdoh and Hamlet Dohling.



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