Delayed alert, lookout notices derailed probe

Assault of Agnes, Amita in JH

SHILLONG: The delay on the part of the police to alert Guwahati railway station and airport has resulted in NPP leader Nidamon Chullet, the prime accused in the activists’ assault case, and others to go scot-free.
According to the status report of the investigation submitted to the High Court of Meghalaya, after the assault incident on November 8, it was only on December 2 that the police alerted the railway station and airport as part of search for the accused persons.
“Letters to keep vigilant of the accused persons, Nidamon Chullet, Graham Lyngdoh, Rock Sympli, Cheerful Rynkhlem, Defender Pakem and Lukas Shylla were sent to authorities of the LGBI airport, Guwahati, North East Frontier Railway and Superintendent of Guwahati Railway to check records till date with effect from November 9 of all passengers travelling as well as to keep a close watch in future as they may travel outside Meghalaya to avoid arrest,” the report said.
Besides, it was only on December 3 that a lookout notice for Lyngdoh, Sympli, Pakem, Shylla and Kiri Phawa was sent to all the SPs of Meghalaya, other states and union territories through the SP (CID).
Failed attempts
The status report of the police also said on November 18, police attempted to arrest Graham and Wanmi Dkhar at their residence at Tuber Kmaishnong, but they were not found.
On November 19, attempt was made to arrest Lukas from Pmara Kmai village but he was found absconding from his house and later around 3 am, another attempt was made to arrest him but he was not found.
“Another police team made an attempt to arrest suspected person Graham at his residence at Tuber Kmaishnong, but he was not found. Again more police teams were sent to Shangpung to arrest Nidamon but he was not found at his residence,” the report said.
On November 20, police teams were sent to arrest Nidamon, Lukas, Graham and Showmewell Kyndait at their residences, but none of the accused was found in the vicinity of their villages, the status report said.
On November 21, Skhemlang Dkhar was arrested. Later, attempt was made to arrest Wanmi at Tuber Kmaishnong, but in vain. Further three different police teams were sent to effect the arrest of accused Graham, Lukas and Cheerful Ryngkhlem of Wapung Skur, but they were not found.
On November 22, based on intelligence inputs, police teams were sent to the LGBI airport, Guwahati, to arrest Showmewell Kyndait.
Later on November 23, Kyndait was arrested from the airport
Till date, police arrested only six persons though around 30 people were involved in the assault of the activists.

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