City band’s 1st album

Renowned music band 4th Element recently released its eponymous debut album in the city. There are eight songs, written by vocalist Sarah Lee and Ribor Mb, who is on keyboards, and one instrumental.
“The album showcases 4th Element’s unique fusion of four elements — Jazz, Funk, R&B and Soul. Since the music is based on these elements I think, we’ve managed to create a different sound altogether,” say the band members.
It was a late release for the album that was due in 2017. But the band members were busy with shows and other commitment and only got to complete the album last year. 4th Element started recording in 2015.
The album was recorded at Merliham Arrangements recording studio by Ribor Mb and the drums was recorded at The Basement by Bari Khonglah. It is available at ‘Kynmaw’, a store at Eee Cee Hotel, Horizon, Melody and Highland Studio. And it will be available online by next week at Ok
“I request the people of Shillong and North East India to support local musicians, by buying their albums, and also to pay for local shows, and not to expect free entry. It takes a lot of effort, time, money, sleepless nights to write, arrange and to record the songs. It is also very expensive for bands to record and to complete the whole production. So I request everyone to support and respect the work of musicians, it is an art and profession just like any other,” said Ribor in an email interview. ~ NM

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