Algae cure for water acidity in JH on anvil

SHILLONG: Algae treatment is being contemplated to improve the water quality in East Jaintia Hills afflicted by acid mine drainage.
A report was submitted to the NGT-appointed Katoki panel by the Chief Executive Officer of Triniti Impacts International, Chennai, on the screening and feasibility of treatment of water samples from Lad Rymbai, Sutnga and Moowakhu, after its inoculation with selected micro algae from the culture collection from their research laboratory.
The pH value of the samples of water tested by applying the technology increased.
The samples were tested 24 hours after inoculation.
The report concluded that the selected consortium of micro green algae could be employed in the treatment of acidic river water to effectively correct the pH level to neutralise and improve quality as well. The organisation is of the view that their customised micro algae consortium will be very effective to correct the pH level from 3.5 to 7.05, which is extremely good.
The organisation has also confirmed, in the report, that norms set by CPCB/Government of India with regards to the pH level will be taken care of 100 per cent by them.
The NGT committee, after finding the report positive, observed that if successful, it will help to neutralise the acid mine drainage in rivers and streams in the areas affected by coal mining in Meghalaya to a great extent.
The committee also decided to seek clarification as to whether they have undertaken any pilot project on the field for treatment of acidic water and its result.
The committee also wanted to know whether there will be any effect on the ecology because of the use of the selected micro algae besides the cost per volume of water.
The committee is awaiting the clarification from the organisation, based on which appropriate decision is proposed to be taken by the committee in its next proceeding scheduled to be held on April 25.

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