Jemino calls for unity of regional forces

SHILLONG: Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) common candidate and UDP leader Jemino Mawthoh has called for bringing unity among the regional forces in the state.
Mawthoh, who contested the Lok Sabha elections as a common candidate of the MDA supported by many regional parties, is of the view that the show of unity by the coalition forces to support his candidature for the Shillong Lok Sabha seat was the long felt need of the people of Khasi and Jaintia Hills and there is a positive vibe towards victory.
He said coming together of leaders of regional parties is a golden opportunity to bring about unity as far as working together is concerned.
He added that with a united effort of all the regional leaders, he is confident of winning the elections.
“All rank and file have been working very hard and you will never see this type of happening. Looking at it and I am very positive that we are going to win the way opportunity and stability is opening up”, he said.
Informing that the unification of regional forces has been his dream, Mawthoh admitted that it is not easy for the political parties to achieve this.
Earlier, there was alliance with HSPDP and this time the UDP managed to connect with four other regional political parties, he said.
“This is coming together step by step and it is one more step in bringing together one regional force,” he added.
Jemino also said despite the Opposition’s best effort to link the MDA alliance with the BJP and raking up the issue of Citizenship Amendment Bill, the coalition came through as one united force.
“If we have too many splinters, we may not work well, but things are moving in the right direction and the way of unity and stability has been paved”.

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