Trending towards totalitarianism?


The recent unprecedented and unexpected electoral triumphs of the NDA to the 17th Lok Sabha in which the BJP has single handedly achieved an absolute majority by capturing 303 out of 543 total seats and for this unparalleled victory, NDA must be complimented by the entire country as we anticipate under PM Modi’s dynamism we would overcome national challenges ahead and thus make India go places in the global arena.

Consequent to the ongoing political equation we see that events are unfolding before us where all Modi’s detractors like Rahul Gandhi, Chandra Babu Naidu et al and the bitter and outspoken critics of Prime Minister Modi such as the likes of Navjot Singh Sidhu, Mamta Banerjee, Raj Thakeray and much more have been literally decimated. And to top it all political news has come in from UP that the grand alliance between BSP and SP is on the verge of collapse owing to the electoral debacle suffered by this alliance on the parliamentary polls. All such turmoil and disarray among the opposition parties has made things easy for PM Modi, as it seems that all parties that oppose the latter may overtime fade into oblivion thereby turning India towards a single majority party dispensation and becoming a veritable and fertile ground for the emergence of a Kim Jong-Un like leader. God forbid if such a grim political scenario should ever unfold in India which is extolled world-wide as the biggest entity of democracy in the world!

Yours etc.

(Jerome K. Diengdoh)

Shillong – 2




Environmental emergency


Two extremely crucial articles by two very prolific and highly knowledgeable writers appeared in this paper on consecutive dates (June 10, 11 2019), first by H H Mohrmen and then by Poonam I. Kaushish, indicating how we are heading very speedily towards final catastrophe, thanks to our own greed and short-sightedness. Unhindered dumping of non-biodegradable materials, anywhere and everywhere, emitting loads of poisonous gases continuously to the atmosphere, releasing Industrial wastes into the rivers/streams, eliminating of water bodies, unabated felling of life-supporting trees and transforming greeneries into concrete jungles, humans have been leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the earth fast becomes a resting place for skeletons only. The saddest thing is that all other living species shall have to bear the brunt for no fault of theirs!

Yours etc.,

PS Gupta,

Via email  

Meghalaya Power Corporation


In this day and age people are being encouraged to make payments online. Cash backs and other incentives are the offers of the day, being made to woo the consumers. Government agencies are spending huge sums on commercials to encourage people to go paperless so as to do their little bit in saving the environment. Ironically on visiting the website of the Meghalaya Power Corporation, I was amazed to note that the Corporation charges an extra fee on bill payments which are made online. No wonder there are still long serpentine queues in the bill payment sections.

I request the authorities in the Corporation to kindly rectify this anomaly.

 Yours etc.,

Dr. Tridib Kakoty,

Shillong -14

Bengal in ferment


West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee and the Centre are fast inching towards a showdown with the bitter battle over West Bengal moving to the nation’s capital. West Bengal governor Keshari Nath Tripathi met the Prime Minister and Home Minister and apprised them of the situation in the state that has been in the grip of political violence since the Lok Sabha polls. Speculation is rife in Opposition circles that the Centre may be planning to impose President’s Rule in the state ahead of the Assembly elections due in 2021. Belligerent Mamata was quick to react that the Centre wanted to turn Bengal into another Gujarat. She even said with a warning note to the Centre, “Don’t play with fire.”

On Sunday, the Home Ministry expressed deep concern over the continuing violence in West Bengal saying the unabated violence even after the Lok Sabha polls were over, appears to be a failure on the part of the state government. However, Mamata hit back at the Centre saying there were a few stray post-poll clashes in the state and that the situation was under control.

The situation in the state is by and large bad with frequent bouts of political violence ever since the recent general elections. Mamata is solely responsible for sowing the feelings of hatred in the minds of the people of Bengal. She has only added fuel to the fire; not done anything constructive to blow off steam. In fact, the Chief Minister botched up the Home Department as well with direct interference s in its functioning. So, it is better for her to stop disseminating ‘hate speech’, which will have a negative impact on the people. Instead, she must give messages that should influence people positively, and it should eventually lead to prevalence of peace in the state.

Yours etc.,

TK Nandanan,

Via email

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