Shullai asks KHADC to resolve trade license issues

SHILLONG: South Shillong legislator Sanbor Shullai has asked the KHADC executive member in charge of Trade Paul Lyngdoh to rectify several irregularities in the renewal of trading licenses issued to genuine non-tribal traders.
The MLA on Thursday submitted a letter to Lyngdoh informing him that the checking of trading licenses are being carried out by persons who are not authorised by law which has resulted in confusion among genuine non-tribal traders.
He suggested that individuals who have been entrusted with the task should wear uniforms while conducting checking and should be accompanied by members of the concerned Dorbar Shnong.
Lamenting that many who submit their trading licenses do not get back their receipts, Shullai added that the licensees are being harassed as they are asked to provide all kinds of documents like house owner’s certificate, NOC and Rangbah Shnong’s certificate.
However, he said that Section 3a(2) of the Khasi Hills District (Trading by non tribal’s regulations) 1954 clearly states that “in case of a license granted, the same shall normally be renewed on application unless there is any complaint or any other consideration which the Executive Committee thinks fit to call for a report or fresh recommendations from the village headman and Durbar.”
Shullai further stated that the hike in license fee should be done in accordance with law as per the sixth schedule of the Constitution as the sudden hike in fee will lead to an increase in the rates of goods and would affect local daily wage earners.
Alleging that the form for fresh trading application for non-tribal traders is not in accordance with the rules, he said that point number 23 of the application form must be re-examined as it asks the applicants to enclose character certificates from two persons from the locality of the applicant namely the headman, Syiem, Sirdar, Lyngdoh or MDC.
The legislator also pointed out that the receipts issued by the KHADC clearly mention that they are valid for 10 days and that the license has to be collected within 10 days from the date of issue.
He said licenses are not being issued within the stipulated time which contradicts the law prescribed by the acts and rules framed by the KHADC.
Shullai also informed that Lyngdoh has assured him that he will look into the matter and will convene a special meeting to rectify all irregularities.

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