Taika Waititi to direct Thor 4

Director Taika Waititi, who weaved a global box-office spell with Thor: Ragnarok, is all set to return to the franchise, helming Thor 4. Waititi has sealed a deal to write and direct the new sequel after uniting Thor and Hulk in the 2017 blockbuster, Thor: Ragnarok, which was the third film of the series. The development means Waititi’s long-in-development Akira adaptation will be put on hold indefinitely. In Thor: Ragnarok, Waititi infused his distinct style of humour and music to the narrative. “There was a conscious effort to put every colour known to man and every weird piece of music… (we) just wanted to make this movie into a big lovable, funny fist and then punch the audience straight in the face,’ Waititi had said while promoting Ragnarok in Sydney. (IANS)

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