Love fiasco

The aftermath of the separation was tough for us;
Bidding adieu, we walked our separate ways.
Tangled between the purity of love and the atrocities of lust,
We did live our delightful days.

That spur-of-the-moment kiss was enough to alter lives,
The touches were always heaven-like.
The love was unfathomable, beyond one’s comprehension;
Our estrangement could even make Freyja cry.

Doomed as our emotions were, it had no more tear to shed.
Clinged to each other,
endlessly did we strive
Until we discerned our love had died
a painful death,
Which could never be brought back to life.

Our love grew with time, beloved. Never did it haste, though
Yet, I still question myself saying: “Was it really a sheer fiasco?”.

Rohit Chetri

Couldn’t read your face

When you came with a stormy silence
Slicing tiny limbs of my ego
Threatening even their emotional existence
To put an end to the stranger me in myself
I couldn’t read your face
Your outer dictations for me to move on
And inner emotions for others to carry on
In this vast bazaar of amazing pretentions.
Quietness silenced me in and out
And you lifted me to the height of the sky
Making me feel like a bird
Steering freely the lost me
Without facing any intellectual hazards.
Imagination, how can I give you up?
You are still my chariot
To hearts and realms of conscience
That make me what I seem to be,
Though your face can ne’er be read.

Bipul Chandra Kalita

Rain through the night

Rain through the night; with so much beauty and fright,
Singing a melody of deep sorrow, dances on the crust of the earth.
With lightning gnashing its teeth.
Into the heart of the soil, and
With the horror of thundering,
It makes the universe shuddering.
Though crestfallen it is from a distant height, it cleanses the heart of the earth.
And with the exclusion of its precious pearls; it has forgiven the “unjust cloud”.
The rain is laughing. The rain is weeping.
The rain is dancing, the rain is playing,
How many mask it is wearing, struggling for the “existence”.

Rakesh Chandra

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