Government of India!



Should the possession of near-absolute or even absolute powers be the real test of strength, no government on this planet could match the Union Government of India.

Yours etc.,

Morning Star Sumer,

Shillong – 2



Congratulatory messages


Allow me to congratulate you and entire staff of The Shillong Times on its Platinum Jubilee. I am sure The Shillong Times will continue to garner more laurels by its balanced reporting and editing. I am the Editor of The Writer’s Academy based in Agra. I have had the honour of several of my stories being published in your Features Supplement quite a few years ago.

All the very best once again.

Anand Khurana
Agra – 1



It has been more than 30 years that I have been reading this paper and I am glad to mention here that over these years I have observed how wonderfully this paper has tried to improve its content. It has put its best efforts to send out as much information as possible to the population of Shillong. Moreover, the language chosen is decently simple and thus even children have access to it. 

Also, the variety of columns included covers most aspects of the world like politics, sports, entertainment, as well as local and regional news. Most importantly the editor gives just enough information with minimum reading which makes the paper even more readable. 


With all the progress I am glad that The Shillong Times is celebrating its platinum jubilee. I also give my best wishes that it achieves even higher milestones in the coming years.


Yours etc.,

Purushottam Das Chokhani

 Via email




Long ago my  father (Late) Krishna Singh Rawat used to receive complimentary copies of the then FORTNIGHTLY Shillong Times and the whole family used to relish the local reports and editorials in the FIRST English newspaper in Shillong.


 Years later, when we received the FIRST EDITION of the DAILY NEWSPAPER of The Shillong Times, it was like the first rays of the morning sun after a long cloudy spell of ignorance and a dark closed world, a communication gap, no sharing of information and ALWAYS BEHIND THE REST OF THE COUNTRY BY TWENTY-FOUR HOURS.


The DAILY EDITION of The Shillong Times in English changed our small world and gave us a new hope, new vision, igniting minds, joining hearts, bridging the gap, sharing information, educating and sharing with lots of promises and miles to go beyond the horizon of a better today and tomorrow.


I congratulate The Shillong Times and its entire Team on the occasion of its Platinum Jubilee Celebration and wish wholeheartedly for a glorious future in  the days to come.


Yours etc.,

Madhu Sudhan Singh Rawat

Retd Director Finance (I/C) and Chief Accounts Officer, MeECL, Shillong.





A common sight of Shillong in the early morning is almost each and every city dweller is holding a cup of tea in one hand and going through the pages of the local English daily ‘ The Shillong Times.’ We all grew up with this culture. To all Shillongites the most authentic source of news is their favourite local daily ‘ The Shillong Times.’ Many of us wait for the latest notification published in the daily about our city or our state or even the country before we get ready for our daily work schedule. In this age of digitization when the whole world is at your doorstep through internet the newspaper has not lost its glory. The impact of the words printed in the pages of a newspaper fortunately still holds an important  position in our daily lives.

For 75 long years ‘The Shillong Times’ created awareness about our surroundings to make us responsible citizens of the state. The dedicated columnists of The Shillong Times got us acquainted with the society with the supply of vital information tirelessly. All those who are responsible for this noble task carried out day in and day out deserve appreciation from all sections of people of the State. They have become instrumental for creating much needed cohesiveness and bonding among the fellow citizens of Meghalaya.

‘The Shillong Times’ is considered as our very own print media for dissemination of information. No matter how much coverage is given in other national or regional media for our achievements , as long as it is not published in Shillong Times it remains incomplete. During the long  journey, ‘The Shillong Times’ fulfilled the needs and aspirations of the people of Meghalaya. As the paper celebrates its platinum jubilee I feel nostalgic to think about our previous generation most of whom are no more who must had gone through the pages as attentively as us. Many historical moments were captured in the pages of this esteemed publication. I can foresee the days when our next generation also will continue this trend in the years to come. Long live our very own ‘The Shillong Times’.

Yours etc., 

Manikuntala Chowdhury

Shillong -4 


It is a great pleasure to know that The Shillong Times is celebrating its Platinum Jubilee on completion of 75 years. Time flies! I can vividly recollect the Golden Jubilee celebration of Shillong Times, 25 years back, which was celebrated  gorgeously with a year-long colorful programme. The inaugural ceremony was held on August 10, 1994 under the chairmanship of Madhukar Dighe, the then Governor of Meghalaya. The then Chief Minister was Mr S.C Marak.

I can recollect the VIPs that graced the celebration throughout the year long programme. They were Rajesh Pilot, Union minister, H.K Dua, correspondent, The New York Times, Khushwant Singh, a veteran journalist, Sanjoy Hazarika, B.G. Verghese, journalist and General V. Nayar, the then Governor of Manipur, L.P. Singh, former Governor of Assam. It was a grand combination! Further, I recollect a very dynamic inter-college debate competition where Dr B Pakem, Vice Chancellor, NEHU was the Speaker and a Quiz competition conducted by Quiz master Prof M.K. Mohanty.

The most surprising event of the Golden Jubilee celebration was a special issue of the Shillong Times which reported all about the inaugural function along with photographs, on the very day of inauguration, before the function was over, and presented the first copy to the Chief Guest Madhukar Dighe, who could not believe his own eyes! It was an achievement of the Shillong Times no doubt!    

Many interesting programmes were arranged to commemmorate Golden Jubilee Celebration. A souvenir, called ‘The Shillong Times 50 years’ was published with many valuable write-ups from the veteran writers of old Shillong.   

The Shillong Times, daily is like my morning tea. I can’t imagine my day without having a look at ‘The Shillong Times’. My hawker, Lal Bahadur, a very punctual and sincere man reaches the paper to me early morning every day to quench my thirst for the daily. I am a subscriber of two more daily journals; but ‘The Shillong Times,’ is a top priority for me.

 I am personally indebted to The Shillong Times for publishing my write-ups on different topics in different times since 1979, when it was the only English Journal from Shillong. I started writing for the ‘Letters to the Editor’ column, and was encouraged to proceed further.          

I wish The Shillong Times, a very successful Platinum Jubilee, and pray to God for its long-long victorious journey. My sincerest congratulations to the Managing Director, Editor and staff of The Shillong Times for their very successful effort and undaunted spirit to carry on this great service for humanity.

Yours etc.,

Uma Purkayastha

 Shillong – 4

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