Police clarify on alleged SOS message on social media

TURA: The Meghalaya Police have cautioned the people not to be taken in by a video claiming to be an SOS message where it was falsely informed that 2000 Sikh families were stuck in a Gurudwara in the state.

The alleged fake video was uploaded on August 15 at around 9:30 am but the FB page of the Meghalaya Police has rubbished it saying that it was an old video that has resurfaced once again.

“On receiving the information, a police team forthwith verified the information and ascertained that there was no incident happening in the state. The tweet and the video were also probed and it was established that it was an old video which had resurfaced again this year,” the FB account of the Meghalaya Police posted a clarification. Urging social media users to refrain from sharing/posting the video, the clarification added that there are no such commotions being reported from any part of the state, and that the tweet which was shared through social media is nothing but ‘Pseudo’.    

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