Mercury retrograde

Life is as it acts, countless paths,
endless directions; can you see a way out?
End your drinking silence as if it were
liquor on a shelf.
For your soul shall always be lifted,
your heart shall always dance,
But are you aware if life’s breath passes through you?
Don’t reach for death but stay.
Turn your thoughts to tunes before they are played out and forgotten like the rain of yesterday.
Never go to war with yourself, for another
Let not anyone determine your happiness,
but instead feed on the decency of how you’ve lived everyday.
Don’t kill parts of yourself to keep
someone else alive; this labyrinth we are all in is a warren of suffering.
Before your last hopes fly to the sky,
and all eyes start to cry,
Things will heal as time goes by.
Stay awake my love.
Make your own thunder and never bite your tongue; be chaotic, be bold.
To show there’s beauty in the knowledge,
That you cannot be controlled.
Doubt not that you are needed.
This place one day wont be the same.
But nothing beautiful would ever grow,
if it wasn’t washed away by pain.
But may I ever ask?
At what age did you lose your compassion?
As for me, I say to myself;
Some day I shall write about my journey around this maze, but first, I must survive it.

Althea Faith Kharshiing

In memoriam

Wise men say, ‘Time is the best healer.’
Keeping faith in it, I am still searching
for the lost peace.
It occurred from the time not so long,
When your face ceased to appear
before the crossed-bars of the window that I dread most today.
On going through the annuals of yester years, I perceived
Your jolly face always captured my heart; held my breath.
I stared you in those moments of ecstasy
Forgetting myself; and the world shrank in between.

Afterwards, at each and every time I crossed the window; our glances met, our hearts throbbed, and our beats went faster.
It always filled my heart with joy to see you behind the bars.
And when we met elsewhere, there was something reassuring in your looks.

And then the disaster took place.
Your parents settle your betrothal and
Your new life began; since then, the whole episode turned into a nightmare.
The last nail in the coffin was put when your parents parted away with us,
Disconnecting the rest; leaving me alone in the exile of dreamland.
If the time gone could be brought back.
I would have tried my best.
Unfortunately it is not possible.
I’m destined to live in your memory making
a deal with my fate.

Rakesh Chandra

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