Congress raising Instrument of Accession in House startles UDP

IOA long dead and buried, left only for historical purpose: Lanong

SHILLONG: UDP leader Bindo Lanong has said it is startling that the Congress leaders, who have been opposing the Instrument of Accession (IOA) and Annexed Agreement (AA) issue and their former leaders instrumental in signing the contract, have now raised it in the Assembly in its favour after the party is no more in power.
In a statement on Sunday, Lanong said the Congress legislator Ampareen Lyngdoh wanted the archaic IOA to be included under Article 371 “which is not only an infructuous issue today, but an issue which is long dead and buried, left only for historical purpose. It was only right for the House to reject the resolution”.
Lanong recalled that 25 Khasi States have signed the IOA, with a statement that, “subject to the provisions of the Annexed Agreement, we accept that the Dominion Legislature may make laws for the Khasi States in respect of any matter.”
The UDP leader said the Annexed Agreement mainly mentioned about the share from excise, forest, land and water rights.
“We have jurisdiction over these subjects today, both by the state and the District Councils”, he said.
Lanong pointed out that if there is anything left out, Ampareen reserves her right to raise, “but it is advisable, that such vexed legal and constitutional issues should be left in the hands of experts in the profession, to avoid controversies”.
According to Lanong, under Art 371, out of 29 states and 7 UTs in India, only 11 states found a mention for special provisions.
As per 371-A, Nagaland will be barred from any Act of the Parliament on matters of their religious, social and customary practices, civil and criminal laws having their customary jurisdiction and land tenure system.
He said Article 371-B and C provides for Assam and Manipur Assemblies constitution of an Assembly Committee of the states consisting of the MLAs from hill areas for proper function of the respective Assemblies.
371-E for Andhra Pradesh is to establish its own

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